Leaving home

The first day over, now the real work was to begin. Northshire Abbey was no longer to be a place called home. My adventures were sending me to Goldshire! I arrived and was sent awayagain to explore some mines, where more Kobolds were killed along with a few boars and then from behind me came the cry of “Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!” what the….

image courtesy of Dan Scott Art

 After being ganked by a Murloc and his friends I returned to my corpse and began to attempt to master the art of killing these annoying, slimy little fish men. Around Elwynn Forest I strode questing, gathering, killing and delivering as demanded until I was set my first real challenge, Hogger.I failed solo, a few times then the call went out to Falynn to help me, in he came to rescue the day and at level 17 made mince meat of the level 13 elite gnoll.

Elwynn finished I moved next to Westfall and hunting down the pesky Defias Brotherhood and the Deadmines. My first instance run was a complete failure. We did get as far as the goblin foundry area, but got overrun and everyone slowly left the group. The one good thing that came from that was meeting Hukin (the other priest) who has remained an in-game friend for almost 5 years.

Westfall completed time to move on to Loch Modan and more Kobolds and boars died, my next move was to Wetlands and my first encounter with orcs, they liked me so much they chased after me as I moved through the mountain pass. By the end of my 2 week trial I had reached level 19 in only 2 days played!

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