How Firelands Is Saving My Guild


Diablo 3, summer, end of expansion blues and more are affecting the WoW community right now. Many guilds are struggling to keep their members active in the game but here on Shadowsong EU, my guild, Exhumed, are thriving. All because of Firelands, yes I kid you not!
For the past few weeks we have been scheduling Firelands raids once per week to go and grab some achievements, heroic kills and a bit of fun to break up the monotony of nothing to do except maybe another alt run through Dragon Soul. A few people claimed they had been there, done that and got the T-shirt and weren’t interested. A few had never been and wanted to go get some easy HC kills via ye olde zerg method of beating old content. Warnings were given to say it wouldn’t be that way, the warnings were laughed at and we set off for doing normal kills with achievements.

Some cried they are too hard all this movement and dancing to avoid fire, interrupt casts and such but after 2 runs we managed to get all bar 1 achievement, Do a Barrel Roll. The achievement is simple enough to do just avoid 4 fiery attacks during the encounter, BrushfireIncendiary CloudLava Spew and Fiery Tornado. The kicker with this achievement is that everyone in the raid has to avoid the attacks or you fail. If you’re dead when Alysrazor dies you don’t get the achievement (as I found out on a pug run that got the achievement).
After getting the main ones done we started with our heroic adventures and managed to get Beth’tilac down on our first night and then promptly spent the night wiping on Rhyolith.
The second week we one shotted Shannox and then Rhyolith. We were overjoyed then went to Alysrazor and wiped for too long trying to get Do a Barrel Roll and then went to try Baleroc on heroic and failed miserably. these fights are still challenging and most folks now appreciate that Dragon Soul is way too easy even on heroic isn’t as hard as Firelands.
This week we ventured into the breach again and after a few low percentage wipes finally got Baleroc down, went in and after a silly wipe on Majordomo Staghelm went and had a look at Ragnaros on normal as a few people still hadn’t ever seen him let alone killed him. The fact that we failed to down him cheers me up as it reminds me that there are still challenges left in the game even when we seriously over gear the encounter. Hopefully in the next week or 2 we’ll get Alysrazor down on heroic and if we don’t manage to get the Do a Barrel Roll achievement that night we’ll be back in for our Glory of the Firelands Raider and Corrupted Egg of Millagazor!

We’ve had fun, faced some tough challenges and this has allowed us to keep things fresh on our heroic Dragon Soul raiding. During this rough time for guilds how is your guild managing the lull?

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  1. We're basically doing the same right now. We're clearing DS heroic within 2 nights, so afterwards we clear 6/7 heroic and have a few attempts on Rag in Firelands. The last day we're usually going BWD heroic or BoT heroic, it's great fun to keep things going.

    The thing you notice about challenges tho, I don't think that's very appropriate if you haven't cleared DS heroic yet ;p Plenty of challenge left there mate

    1. Clearing DS HC is, I agree, a challenge still left but we're all bored to death of the bloody place and a change of scenery helps combat that boredom.

      Tier 11 while not the best raids were my favourite because you had choice of where to go, when Blizz announced they dropped the Abyssal Depths raid alongside Firelands they instantly set us into an optionless raiding and thankfully Firelands wasn't around too long for the boredom to hit. Dragon Soul has a variety of surroundings but except for the order you choose to kill Zon'ozz and Yor'sahj is linear and so you have no variety option, same shit week in week out. Hopefully we'll get multiple raids per tier all through Pandacraft but past the first tier I doubt it.

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