HoF (10) Strats


Imperial Vizier Zor’lok is a 2-phase fight.
Phase One, has 3 mini phases that can occur in any order. You have to fight Zor’lok on each of the three elevated platforms (once each). He changes platform every 20% and when moving between platform fills the room with Pheromones of Zeal, a damaging/silencing gas. Zor’lok uses an extra ability on each platform.
Phase 2 begins when Zor’lok reaches 40% health and he flies to the middle of the room, absorbs the gas which buffs his damage, and pull everyone to him. During this phase, Zor’lok uses all the abilities he had on the platforms.
Zor’lok has 3 main abilities:
  1. Inhale is cast once or twice between Exhales. Inhale increases the damage of Exhale by 50%. Inhale cannot be interrupted. When Exhale is cast and there are 3 or more stacks of Inhale on him, the stacks of Inhale are removed.
  2. Exhale is a channeled spell which targets a random player that deals damage to them every 0.5 second and stuns them. Moving between Zor’lok and the target will stop Exhale affecting the target, and hits the new victim instead but deal reduced damage, this should be done by the tank as Zor’lok deals no melee damage when doing Exhale. This means if melee are affected by Exhale they should move away from teh boss to allow the tank to break the beam.
  3. Song of the Empress deals raid damage if no players in melee range. While movement buffs help they are not necessary as it is easy to reach Zor’lok’s new location before he channels Song of the Empress.

Phase One

On each platform, Zor’lok uses a 4th special ability that the raid will have to deal with. When moving between platforms, you have to pass through Pheromones of Zeal, which damages and silences the raid.


This is the ability you have to deal with on the left platform as you enter the room. It is a 9 second channeled spell that Zor’lok casts every 45 seconds. It sends many disks away from himself, in random directions. The disks move at a moderate speed and deal a large amount of damage to those that hit/get hit by them.
The disks bounce off the walls which means they will travel back towards the raid. The disks sometimes split in two, with the two new disks traveling in slightly different directions. Both of these factors make them more difficult to avoid. Your must move to avoid being hit by any of the disks. 
Standing at a moderate distance from Zor’lok makes it easy to react to the newly spawned disks. Standing too far away means you have to handle the new disks AND those that bounce off the walls as well as disks that split in two.
Running in a circle around Zor’lok during Attenuation also helps as the disks radiate from him in a spiraling pattern and you will have to avoid very few. 


This is the ability you have to deal with on the back platform. Convert is a mind control that Zor’lok casts on a 2 random players every 60 seconds. To break the mind control player must be damaged to 50% of their maximum health.

Force and Verve

This is the ability you have to deal with on the right platform. Force and Verve is a 10 second channelled spell that is cast every 45 seconds and deals a large amount of raid-wide damage. It is avoided by standing in the 3 shields Zor’lok create. Being under one of these shields will reduce the damage taken from Force and Verve by 40%. 
Each shield only protects 4 players and even when shielded damage is quite high and needs to be healed through.

Phase Two

At 40% health, Zor’lok flies above the middle of the room, absorbs all the gas which gives him a 10% damage and 20% haste buff. He also pulls the entire raid to his location.
This is where teh real fight begins! as Zor’lok will use all of the abilities from Phase One. All you need to do is execute the tasks that you have been practicing in the previous phase.
The middle of the room is larger than the platforms, so you can spread out more to avoid Attenuation. Do not go to far away fboss that you cannot reach the protective shields in time. The abilities have very little time between them so mistakes are deadly.

Blade Lord Ta’yak is a two-phase fight with no adds. 
Phase One lasts between 100% and 20% of the boss’ health. Ta’yak has several abilities which require that you stack up and spread out at various stages.
Phase Two begins at 20% health and in this phase the raid will have to dodge oncoming tornadoes, and deal damage to the boss. 
Throughout the fight, Ta’yak gains a stacking buff that increases his damage done, acting as a soft enrage that will eventually wipe your raid. Additionally, Phase One has a second soft enrage mechanic of its own.

Phase One

During Phase One, Ta’yak use of the following abilities.
Tempest Slash: is used every 20-30 seconds which creates a tornado at the location of a random player. The tornadoes he creates slowly move around the area where they were created, damaging and knocking back players who collide with them. The tornadoes do not despawn, so will continually fill up the space as the phase goes on. Simply move away from the tornadoes and slowly move from one end of the room to the other.
Unseen Strike: is cast every 60 seconds on a random raid member. Ta’yak places a marker on the player and vanishes before appearing at the player’s location 5 seconds later and deals 3 million damage in a cone in front of him. As the damage is shared bewtween all hit by it everyone should collapse on the target at the designated point and all face the boss and stand BEHIND his target. The ability has a knock back so the hug point should be in front of a solid object, eg wall or a pillar. This helps to force the boss to attack from a certain angle and also note the the victim will get stunned 2 seconds before getting hit so they only have 3 seconds to get to the collapse point. Cheat death abilities will NOT prevent allow a player to solo soak this ability. because each person will take 300k damage before reduction by armour, ensure that all are at full health to guarantee survival especially for cloth wearers.
Wind Step: every 30 seconds Ta’yak blinks to a random player, and applies a 30-second bleed on them and any other raid members within 8 yards of them. Spread out to avoid this hitting multiple targets.
Overwhelming Assault: cast on his current aggro target and deals a high amount of damage, causes them to take 100% more damage from Overwhelming Strike for the next 45 seconds
Intensify: a self-buff that is applied to Ta’yak every 60 seconds until he hits 20% when it gets applied every 10 seconds. This increases his damage done and haste by 5% per stack.
Just before he hits 20% you should aim to have the raid at high health so that everyone can survive the damage that the boss deals every second during this phase, while the tornadoes are incapacitating the healers.

Phase Two

When Ta’yak reaches 20% health and he will teleport everyone to the middle of a long corridorbefore putting everyone in a tornado will drop you at one end of the corridor, while Ta’yak moves to the other end. Ta’yak will begin summoning tornadoes which will move towards the raid in one of three lanes, so you you constantly need to switch lanes, to avoid the oncoming tornadoes or you will get put back to the end of the corridor, where you need to restart your journey, potentially out of range of healers.
Healing the raid while making your way through through the tornadoes is very difficult, since the damage is quite high, and you do not have the possibility to stand still and heal. Everyone must contribute to healing here, using  Healthstones and defensive cooldowns as there is raid wide damage every second during phase 2 which is increased by the boss’ Intensify buff which no stacks every 10 seconds.
When you reach Ta’yak you should move next to him so you are behind the spawning tornadoes. This allows you to simply stand there and DPS or heal until Ta’yak flies away at 10%. Be careful, when moving up to his platform, to walk up using a lane where a tornado has just spawned (and that you have avoided) as if you choose a lane where a tornado is about to spawn, you risk being picked up by this new tornado just as you step up next to Ta’yak. 
When Ta’yak reaches 10% health, he will switch ends and you will have to make your way to him again. Make sure you renew DoTs just before he reaches 10% health and move onto the sides of the corridor as there is an air current. If you step into the air current while Ta’yak is still in his first location, you will be taken back to the start, which is precisely where Ta’yak will move to and you will not need to dodge tornadoes and saves time.

Garalon is a single-phase fight where you must kite the boss for the duration of the encounter however 2 tanks are still needed.
Garalon fixates on a random raid member and move towards them. Who he fixates on is determined by a debuff which can be passed between players. Therefore, you can control who the boss is following although one player cannot have the debuff all the time because it deals increasing damage to them.
Garalon’s legs can be attacked and killed and doing so slows Garalon each leg slows him down more and makes kiting him easier and ensures that the kiter does not get hit by very damaging abilities that Garalon uses. 
Garalon will periodically revive his legs, so killing them is something that must be done throughout the entire fight. Killing the leg also hurts Garalon by the same amount of health the leg had.
The tanks’ only role in the encounter is to soak the damage from a frontal cone attack that the boss does and that needs to hit at least two players.

Pheromones Debuff

Garalon will cast Pheromones on the player that pulls him, he casts this debuff once, but it remains active for the entire duration of the fight. Pheromones has several effects.
Every 2 econds, Pheromones deals a small, increasing amount of Nature damage to the entire raid and Garalon fixates on the player who is currently carrying Pheromones and chases them.
The Pheromone afflicted player receives a stacking debuff, Pungency, which increases the damage that Pheromones deals to the raid, by 10% per stack. Pungency lasts for 2 minutes and a new stack is applied every 2 seconds. They also leave a trail of damaging void zones behind, Pheromone Trail.


Pheromones is passed to a different player, by coming within 2 yards of the carrier and this also resets it to its base value. So, the damage the raid takes has a predictable low > medium > high > low > medium > high cycle.
If, a player who already has stacks of Pungency takes the debuff, Pheromones will deal damage based on their stacks of Pungency.
Pungency also persists through death so someone has to move over to the corpse and take the debuff from them just as they would if the player were alive.
Crush is a raid-wide damaging attack that deals a high amount of damage to the raid and an extremely high amount of damage to any raid members who are under Garalon. It is cast when the Pheromones debuff passes to a new target and when a raid member is under Garalon. Needless to say nobody should EVER go under Garalon, the area to avoid is indicated visually by a circle on the ground, under Garalon.
Furious Swipe is a frontal cone attack cast roughly every 8 seconds. This attack can be avoided but if it doesn’t hit at least two players Garalon gains a stack of Fury, which increases Garalon’s damage and movement speed by 10% per stack.

Garalon’s Legs

Garalon’s legs can be targeted, attacked, and killed. Each time one of Garalon’s legs is killed, Garalon takes 3% of his maximum health in damage, and receives a stack of a debuff that slows him for 15% per stack, stacking up to 4 times.
Killing the legs is made easy by Weak Points, a buff that players receive when they are within 12 yards of one of Garalon’s legs. This increases the damage that they deal to that leg by 100%. Players who are in the 12-yard radius around a leg must be careful not to accidentally move under Garalon. There are also visual aids in place to help players see the exact range of Weak Points and are visible only when near one of Garalon’s legs.

Tank Duties

Tanks must always be in front of Garalon to soak the damage of Furious Swipe, the damage is no problem unless they are low on health.
As Garalon changes direction based on the location of the Pheromone carrier, tanks must pay attention to the carriers is and make sure they adjust their position accordingly.

Managing Pheromones

This is the key to victory. Your goal is have to have the debuff passed among players as few times as possible. The debuff carrier should pass it on at 20 stacks (approx 40 seconds) which is a damage tick of 45k every 2 seconds. This means that you will need to pass it between 4 players before the stacks wear off.
Because the player who is carrying it has to constantly move it is best to assign mobile classes hunters, tanks and healers are the preferred options.
The first player who receives the debuff will be the player who is nearest to Garalon when he is engaged, so you can easily control the succession of players who get the debuff.

Kiting Pattern

The player who is carrying the Pheromones is going to be fixated on by Garalon. This player must kite the boss, so they are far enough away from Garalon that his frontal cone attack will not hit them (15-20 yards) and move in such a way that the Pheromone Trail that they leave behind does not affect the raid’s movement and positioning.
Ideally, Garalon should be kited around the outer edges of the room. The first target should go to one corner of the room, wait until Garalon is near, and then begin moving along the side of the room.
To minimise the amount of space void zones take up the player should move only enough to be out of it and should stand at the edge of the zone until a new one spawns so the void zones partially overlap.

Healing Concerns

The tanks will regularly receive large hits, so they must be at or close to max HP at all times.
The whole raid takes a varying amount of damage every 2 seconds. This damage is rises to a peak until after a Crush when it then drops to almost nothing before rising again. The pattern is predictable as long as Pheromones are handled properly.
The only other healeable damage source is from players who stand in or walk through the void zones.

Killing the Legs

DPS players will have to kill Garalon’s legs whenever they are up, maximise DPS by standing in melee range of the target leg to get the 100% damage buff but avoiding being under Garalon, failure is penalised by Death, the ultimate DPS loss.
Combat Rogues, Arms Warriors and Fire Mages can damage the boss while attacking his legs resulting in a large DPS increase. Maximising damage in this way will make it considerably easier to beat the enrage timer. Sadly Splash Damage is NOT affected by the Weak Points buff.


Wind Lord Mel’jarak is a single-phase fight with 9 adds that become active when you pull Mel’jarak
  • 3 Sra-thik Amber-Trappers;
  • 3 Kor’thic Elite Blademasters;
  • 3 Zar’thik Battle-Menders;

Dealing with the adds is the key to beating the boss and can be crowd controlled. Adds of each type have a shared health pool but when 3 adds of the same kind die, Mel’jarak gains a buff that increases his damage done and his damage taken.

Mobs and Abilities

Mel’jarak has 3 main abilities as well as a basic high damage melee attack:
  • Whirling Blade:  is a boomerang style attack he cast every 60 seconds. He throws his weapon at the location of a random raid member and it will damages to all players in it path, both on the way to the location, and on the way back to Mel’jarak.
  • Rain of Blades: is a raid-wide damaging ability that Mel’jarak casts every 60 seconds. It deals Physical damage to all raid members every 0.50 seconds, for 6 seconds.
  • Wind Bomb: after he reaches 75% health, he throws a bomb at the location of a raid member, which deals a high amount of damage to anyone within 5 yards of the location, 3 seconds later it arms and will explode if a raid member comes within 6 yards of it. It will deal a very high amount of raid-wide damage. The bombs  are cast regularly, do not despawn until the end of the fight, progressively limiting the space that players have to move around.

When adds of the same kind are killed he gains a stack of Recklessness, increasing his damage done by 50%, and his damage taken by 33%.

Crowd Control

Crowd-control spells, such as Polymorph or Freezing Trap, can be used. There are also 4 weapon racks which will give a  player a special ability called Impaling Spear, which stuns the targeted add for 50 seconds or when direct damage is done to the add. Indirect damage dealt to that mob through its shared health pool does not break the crowd-control.
There is a limit on how many adds you can have crowd-controlled at one time.
  • If all adds are alive, you can crowd-control a maximum of 4 adds.
  • If 6 adds are alive, you can crowd-control a maximum of 2 adds.
  • If 3 adds are alive, you cannot crowd-control any adds.

Exceeding these limits cause Mel’jarak to dispel the crowd-control from ALL adds.

Sra-thik Amber-Trappers cast two abilities.

  • Amber Prison: traps targeted players (and any other players within 2 yards) in amber. Players can free them simply by right-clicking it. The Amber-Trappers cast Amber Prison roughly every 35 seconds. Freeing a player from Amber Prisons causes a debuff which prevents them from freeing other players for 2 minutes.
  • Corrosive Resin: is a debuff placed on a random raid member, can stack to 5 and deals a moderate amount of damage to that player every second. Moving causes the stacks to be removed but leaves a Corrosive Resin Pool.

Zar’thik Battle-Menders cast two abilities.
  • Mending: an interruptible heal that is cast on a random add, which heals them for 25% of their maximum health.
  • Quickening: a dispellable stacking buff that is placed on all of the adds, increasing their damage done and attack speed by 25%

Kor’thic Elite Blademasters have one ability.
  • Kor’thik Strike: All 3 Blademasters target the same random raid member, and attack simultaneously dealing a high amount of damage. This ability is cast every 40 seconds.


It is possible to one-tank the fight with a properly geared tank and the tank will benefit from a very large amount of Attack Power from Vengeance, greatly boosting their DPS and self-healing. It is safer to use two tanks.
There is no point in the fight when your raid can safely stack together until the adds are all dead. The ideal positioning is to be spread out in a wide circle around the boss. Melee DPS are unable to spread out too much, but they should still be able to stand at least 2 yards apart so Amber Prison does not affect more than one player.
During  Rain of Blades to make healing easier after all the adds have been killed and Mel’jarak’s damage is increased. Be aware that Mel’jarak will often cast Whirling Blade immediately before or after Rain of Blades, so everyone must move in to stack at the last possible moment, and must be very quick to move out again once Rain of Blades is over.
It is important that players do not line up in relation to Mel’jarak’s position, because  Whirling Blade damages all players in the path of the target.
Players will have to also move out of the void zones left behind by the players affected by  Corrosive Resin.
Finally, certain areas will become inaccessible, as they will be taken up by Mel’jarak’s  Wind Bombs. While Wind Bombs do not normally target melee players, if everyone is stacking together to help healing during Rain of Blades, the boss will cast a Wind Bomb in melee range, so everyone must be very quick to move away.
  • The MT picks up the boss and one or two adds, 
  • The OT picks up the remaining adds.
  • Circle the boss to minimise Whirling Blade damage & having multiple people caught in Amber Prison.
  • Ensure players move from the landing location of Wind Bombs and that no one triggers them.
  • Crowd-control as many of the adds as the limit allows.
  • Handle the various add abilities
  • Interrupt  Mending.
  • Dispel  Quickening.
  • Corrosive Resin victims should move and place the void zones so it does not inconvenience the raid.
  • Free players from Amber Prison.

While there are many crowd-control strategies that work, the following one is teh widely accepted easy one.
  • Crowd-control 1 Amber-Trapper, 2 Battle-Menders, and 1 Blademaster.
  • Tank all the mobs together for additional AoE damage from cleaves.
  • Kill the Battle-Mender.
  • Crowd-control 1 Amber-Trapper and 1 Blademaster.
  • Kill the Blademasters.
  • Kill the Amber-Trappers.

DPSing Mel’jarak is not a priority until the adds have been killed. Cleave damage and multi-dotting is good, and will make the fight easier as the enrage timer of 8 minutes is strict.
When adds are killed, the remaining adds are not healed. So it is possible to bring multiple adds to low health before finally killing them. This is something we strongly recommend, as it makes it much easier to control the mobs, especially the Blademasters (because you keep the ability to crowd-control 4 adds).
Mel’jarak will be active for the entire duration of the fight and they will still have to be dealt with.

Healing Concerns

There are many different sources of damage in this fight and it is very tough on the healers overall.
The sources of damage are:
  • High tank damage, and increasing damage on Mel’jarak’s tank, as the fight goes on (with 3 stacks of  Recklessness, healers can expect hits of up to 170,000 on the tank);
  • regular raid-wide damage from  Rain of Blades;
  • single-target damage on random raid members, when they are targeted by Whirling Blade;
  • single-target damage on random raid members, when they are affected by the Corrosive Resin debuff;
  • damage from the Blademasters’ Kor’thik Strike, depends on the number of Blademasters crowd-controlled.
  • Healers can also expect to sometimes notice bursts in damage, if the mobs are buffed by  Quickening.

Finally, there may be cases of  Wind Bombs being accidentally detonated, which will probably cause a wipe.



The encounter against Amber-Shaper Un’sok is a three-phase fight.
Phase One lasts until the boss reaches 70% health. During this phase, you will mainly have to kill small adds and avoid damaging ground effects.
Phase Two starts when the boss summons an add and ends when the add is killed. During this phase, Un’sok takes 99% reduced damage (so all kill the add)
Phase Three lasts until Un’sok dies and is a very intense phase, for both healers and DPS players. During this phase, the boss gains a sizeable increase in his damage.
During the fight, Un’sok will transform random players (including tanks) into a Mutated Construct. When transformed the player can use certain special abilities, and must perform the most important part in the encounter, EVERYBODY MUST have an excellent understanding of the Construct as this is the key to success as much as the DPS output.

Mutated Construct

Every 50 seconds, during Phases One and Two, and more often, during Phase Three, Un’sok casts Reshape Life and transforms a player into a Mutated Construct. During Phase One, the ability prioritises tanks, while in Phases Two and Three, it can target anyone in the raid.
The Mutated Construct has a unique resource, called Willpower, it must be used wisely, and it is the key to defeating the encounter.
Willpower starts out at 100% and slowly decreases over time when Willpower runs out the transformed player is instantly killed.
The only way to leave the Mutated Construct is to use Break Free, which is only usable when the it is below 20% HP (1.3m HP).
If the Mutated Construct is killed before the transformed player uses Break Free the transformed player will also die.
The transformed player has 3 abilities that they MUST use, in specific ways, throughout the encounter.
Un’sok will continue to cast Reshape Life even if there is already a Mutated Construct present and there can be a multiple Mutated Constructs active at the same time.
The Mutated Construct is hostile to both the rest of the raid, and to the boss. This is relevant, because the Construct must attack the boss, and the raid must attack the Construct.
The Mutated Construct has 4 abilities:
  • Break Free is an ability that causes the transformed player to break free of the Mutated Construct. The Construct must be below 20% of its maximum health for this ability to be usable
  • Consume Amber causes the Mutated Construct to absorb a pool of  Burning Amber, generates 20 Willpower, INCREASES the maximum health by 5% and heals it for that amount. Use this ONLY if the raid slacks at DPSing and you’re likely to run out of Willpower before your HP is 20%
  • Struggle for Control costs 8 Willpower and is the only way to interupt Amber Explosion, which deals high raid-wide damage. Using Struggle for Control also increases the damage taken by the Construct by 100% for 5 seconds.
  • Amber Strike is a single-target attack, with a 6-second cooldown.
    1. it applies a stacking debuff to the target, which increases its damage taken by 10% per stack, for 12 seconds
    2. interrupts the target’s spellcasting (and is the ONLY way to interupt the Amber Monstrosity from casting Amber Explosion)

The role of the Mutated Construct varies by phase.
  • Players must always watch for when the Mutated Construct is casting  Amber Explosion, and interrupt this cast with  Struggle for Control.
  • Players should use Amber Strike on cooldown, on the Amber Monstrosity in phase 2 or on the boss in phases 1 and 3.
  • Players should normally not consume void zones by using Consume Amber.
  • Hopefully we will only have one active Mutated Construct.

Phase 1

During this phase, Un’sok has 3 main abilities:
1) Amber Scalpel targets a random player with a beam of amber which follows them, deals a large amount of damage when hitting the victim and leaves many small void zones behind it which may turn into adds called Living Amber which fixate on random players, dealing low amounts of melee damage as well as a small amount of raid-wide damage every second. When a Living Amber is killed:
  • deals a large amount of AoE damage to players within 8 yard radius.
  • deals a large amount of AoE healing to other Living Ambers within 8 yard radius.
  • leaves behind a void zone, called a  Burning Amber which will stay on the floor indefinitely, unless consumed by the Mutated Construct.

2) Parasitic Growth is a debuff cast on a random player that lasts for 30 seconds, and deals a moderate amount of damage to that player every 2 seconds. While the debuff is active, healing received by the player causes the damage from Parasitic Growth to increase.
3) Reshape Life will turn a tank (in this phase) into a Mutated Construct.

Phase 1 Strategy

  • Mutated Construct NEVER target your team mates they ARE hostile targets you WILL kill them.
  • Mutated Construct use Amber Strike on the boss on cooldown.
  • Mutated Construct uses Struggle for Control to interrupt Amber Explosion.
  • Mutated Construct uses Break Free ONLY when the boss is about to cast another Reshape Life (to maintain the damage buff on the boss.
  • DPS priority is Mutated Constructs as soon as they appear (their in-game name is the same as the name of the player who is transformed), bringing them below 20% of their maximum health.
  • DPS Un’sok when a Mutated Construct does not need to be attacked.
  • Avoid being hit by the  Amber Scalpel beam by kiting it away and out of the raid each time it is cast.
  • Kill Living Amber adds.
  • Heal the players affected by  Parasitic Growth as little as possible, BUT keep them alive. It can be removed by Divine Shield,  Ice Block., etc

Phase 1 Healing Concerns

Healers will have to contend with the following sources of damage in this phase:
  • steady tank damage on Un’sok’s tank;
  • steady raid-wide damage, depending on the number of Living Ambers that are alive;
  • high damage on random players who are affected by  Parasitic Growth, and who cannot be healed abundantly;
  • avoidable damage from players getting hit by  Amber Scalpel;
  • avoidable damage from the explosions dealt by Living Ambers within 8 yards of themselves, when they die;
  • avoidable damage from standing in the void zones left behind by dead Living Ambers.

Parasitic Growth:
  • can be removed by abilities such as  Divine Shield and  Ice Block.
  • absorption effects do not trigger the debuff’s effect, Power Word: Shield and  Sacred Shield are great!
  • Hand of Purity works against this debuff and almost negate the final 6 seconds.
  • overhealing will still stack the debuff on them, so you must be careful.

Phase 2

When Un’sok reaches 70% health, he casts Amber Carapace, becoming 99% immune and summons an Amber Monstrosity with 65million HP (about 30% of the bosses HP), which when killed ends Phase 2 and removes Amber Carapace.
Un’sok continues to use Amber Scalpel, Parasitic Growth, and Reshape Life (now any player can be a target, including healers.
The Amber Monstrosity uses 3 main abilities:
  • Amber Explosion is cast every 50 seconds dealing a high amount of raid damage. It is interruptible ONLY by the Mutated Contructs Amber Strike.
  • Massive Stomp is a knockback that is cast every 20 seconds dealing a large amount of damage to all enemies within 15 yards.
  • Fling is cast every 40 seconds on the current tank and throws them to a random location in the room. When landing, the target deals a large amount of damage to all players within 8 yards of the point of impact, and stuns them for 3 seconds.

Phase 2 Strategy

Deal with Unsok abilities as you did in Phase 1, however the Amber Monstrosity adds a few challenges.
The Mutated Construct must be prepared to interrupt the Amber Monstrosity’s Amber Explosion every time it is cast. This is more important than stacking the debuff on the boss and must be off cooldown when it is cast to avoid a raid wipe.
Ranged DPS players and healers should be at least 15 yards away from the Amber Monstrosity, so that they do not get damaged and knocked back.
Tanks must be prepared for Fling as this will stun the tank for a few seconds at their landing location.

Phase 2 Healing Concerns

In addition to the Phase One healing concerns, healers have to to watch out for the following things:
  • increased tank damage, since the Amber Monstrosity melees;
  • regular damage to the tanks and melee players (as well as any careless ranged/healers) from  Massive Stomp;

Phase 3

When the Amber Monstrosity dies, Un’sok will enter Phase Three and cast Concentrated Mutation, buffing his damage done and his attack speed by 50%, but removing the Amber Carapace.
During this phase Un’sok uses 3 main abilities:
  • Parasitic Growth (as in P1 and P2)
  • Reshape Life (as in P1 ands P2) but now more frequently which will act as a soft enrage.
  • Volatile Amber will regularly cause one of the amber pools located around the edges of the room to explode, which fires a barrage of amber shards at the raid, and deals a moderate amount of damage or healing the Mutated Construct for 20% of its maximum health.

Phase 3 Strategy

DPS should simply focus on burning the boss and ignoring the Mutated Constructs.
These Constructs should stack Amber Strike on Un’sok as much as possible and they should consume  Burning Amber void zones whenever needed to replenish their Willpower.
Executing this strategy will result in a kill where you have several players turned into Mutated Constructs.
If DPS is not high enough to allow you to kill the boss before too many players are turned into Constructs, you can DPS the first few Mutated Constructs, allowing those players to Break Free. This will keep the number of Mutated Constructs in check, and give some time to stack Amber Strike on the boss. Then, after killing a number of Mutated Constructs (the number will depend on our DPS), we should just ignore future ones and DPS Un’sok.
Finally, it is important to avoid  Volatile Amber healing the Mutated Construct, if you are trying to help players exit the Constructs. You members will have to shield the Mutated Construct with their bodies, so that the amber shards from Volatile Amber hit them, and do not reach the Construct.

Phase 3 Healing Concerns

In addition to the damage from Phase 1 and 2, tank damage is the main concern here as well as healing up victims of Volatile Amber. Thankfully Amber Scalpel is nolnger around adding to the damage.