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I have decided that the time to get actually posting regularly is now, well to be honest, I was poked and prodded and I really was slacking. Trying to get motivated to write about stuff that happened in the past and making it accurate, coherent and relevant was a lot harder than I expected.

GuildOx rankingsAnyways, as things stand now, I am raiding at the top end of the chasing pack, my 25 man guild, Immersion are currently doing hardmodes in ICC 25 mode bosses  which is an OK place to be. I’m with a few friends that I have raided with since MC, Malicus (the pally formerly known as Regaal), Rixxor and Piteq its strange how some folks just can’t get rid of me! 

That is the good news, the shame is that after 6 months of raiding ICC on both 10 and 25 people are just not interested in making progress on hard modes, whereas farm raids are over subscribed as we faceroll the first 6 bosses (Marrogar, Gunship, Festergut and Rotface on hardmode) and Deathwhisper & Saurfang on normal. The reasons for this are covered in a post The State of Raiding.

Added to this is the fact that the GM (who is also the RL and heal lead) and the MT (and tank lead) just left and with a few hours notice dumped everything onto the new GM, Kailan, a really nice Scottish fella. He and the remaining officers are slowly getting to grip with stuff and also managing to get some damned fine recruits in to help fill the gaps that we have on our progress raids. Hopefully all will remain positive as summer comes.
GuildOx rankingsI also raid strict 10 on my lil lock, Strigimaga, with my “other” guild, All about Beer, who are a lot more relaxed in style. To give an analogy raiding with AaB is more like day out with the lads where as Immersion is more like a day at work. AaB still treat raiding with respect though and we are one of the top strict 10 guilds on our home server of Shadowsong in terms of progress with just the Lich King to go after our recent kills.

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