Cataclysm: Use Herbalist’s Gloves to Boost Your Herbalism.


Just a real quick blog post to help you folks get a head start on levelling herbalism in Cataclysm. Deep in Ashenvale is a quest that opens up a vendor that sell the only armour that adds +5 to your herbalism skill. Combined with Enchant Gloves – Advanced Herbalism this can add upto 10 herbalism skill points meaning no more passing herbs that would normally be a few skill points out of reach. These all stack and for our Tauren friends can be very powerful. The pattern is an Alliance only vendor so can be a really good seller on the neutral AH.

To acquire the pattern a little questing is needed as the vendor needs to be freed. First get to Astranaar, goto Benjari Edune, (co-ords 18,50) and pick up the quest Three Friends of the Forest.

Complete the quest by finding Bolyun (Co-ords 18,60) and accept his quest In a Bind, kill Kaliva when she spawns behind you and loot Heart of Kaliva.

Complete In a Bind by handing this in to Bolyun and then you will be able to speak to Harlown Darkweave and purchase your Pattern: Herbalist’s Gloves.

Respawn on pattern is less than 16 minutes as evidenced in my chat log shown above.

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