Heart of Fear: Imperial Vizier Zor’Lok (10)


Imperial Vizier Zor’lok is a 2-phase fight.
Phase One, has 3 mini phases that can occur in any order. You have to fight Zor’lok on each of the three elevated platforms (once each). He changes platform every 20% and when moving between platform fills the room with Pheromones of Zeal, a damaging/silencing gas. Zor’lok uses an extra ability on each platform.

Phase 2 begins when Zor’lok reaches 40% health and he flies to the middle of the room, absorbs the gas which buffs his damage, and pull everyone to him. During this phase, Zor’lok uses all the abilities he had on the platforms.

Zor’lok has 3 main abilities:
  1. Inhale is cast once or twice between Exhales. Inhale increases the damage of Exhale by 50%. Inhale cannot be interrupted. When Exhale is cast and there are 3 or more stacks of Inhale on him, the stacks of Inhale are removed.
  2. Exhale is a channeled spell which targets a random player that deals damage to them every 0.5 second and stuns them. Moving between Zor’lok and the target will stop Exhale affecting the target, and hits the new victim instead but deal reduced damage, this should be done by the tank as Zor’lok deals no melee damage when doing Exhale. This means if melee are affected by Exhale they should move away from teh boss to allow the tank to break the beam.
  3. Song of the Empress deals raid damage if no players in melee range. While movement buffs help they are not necessary as it is easy to reach Zor’lok’s new location before he channels Song of the Empress.

Phase One

On each platform, Zor’lok uses a 4th special ability that the raid will have to deal with. When moving between platforms, you have to pass through Pheromones of Zeal, which damages and silences the raid.


This is the ability you have to deal with on the left platform as you enter the room. It is a 9 second channeled spell that Zor’lok casts every 45 seconds. It sends many disks away from himself, in random directions. The disks move at a moderate speed and deal a large amount of damage to those that hit/get hit by them.
The disks bounce off the walls which means they will travel back towards the raid. The disks sometimes split in two, with the two new disks traveling in slightly different directions. Both of these factors make them more difficult to avoid. Your must move to avoid being hit by any of the disks. 
Standing at a moderate distance from Zor’lok makes it easy to react to the newly spawned disks. Standing too far away means you have to handle the new disks AND those that bounce off the walls as well as disks that split in two.
Running in a circle around Zor’lok during Attenuation also helps as the disks radiate from him in a spiraling pattern and you will have to avoid very few. 


This is the ability you have to deal with on the back platform. Convert is a mind control that Zor’lok casts on a 2 random players every 60 seconds. To break the mind control player must be damaged to 50% of their maximum health.

Force and Verve

This is the ability you have to deal with on the right platform. Force and Verve is a 10 second channelled spell that is cast every 45 seconds and deals a large amount of raid-wide damage. It is avoided by standing in the 3 shields Zor’lok create. Being under one of these shields will reduce the damage taken from Force and Verve by 40%. 
Each shield only protects 4 players and even when shielded damage is quite high and needs to be healed through.

Phase Two

At 40% health, Zor’lok flies above the middle of the room, absorbs all the gas which gives him a 10% damage and 20% haste buff. He also pulls the entire raid to his location.
This is where teh real fight begins! as Zor’lok will use all of the abilities from Phase One. All you need to do is execute the tasks that you have been practicing in the previous phase.
The middle of the room is larger than the platforms, so you can spread out more to avoid Attenuation. Do not go to far away fboss that you cannot reach the protective shields in time. The abilities have very little time between them so mistakes are deadly.

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