HC Madness World Last?

I am please to report that the valiant Exhumed raid team got Heroic Madness of Deathwing down on September 24th 2012.
Yes, that’s right the day BEFORE the expansion, 40 minutes to be exact). While the team last night did the dirty deed, the whole raid team deserve full credit and those that were not there last night will be sent off to repeat the kill later but for now we have new lands to explore.

The team that has brought us here are:

  • Tanks: Acheronos, Brimar, Maxizilian
  • Healers: Elysha, Evlyxx, Lifeshifter, Seleigh.
  • Melee: Funforhire, Jehst, Kojiro, Pewpewboom.
  • Ranged: Baniza, Emalie, Gasp, Hellsmiss, Sophina, Zuf.
There are also some players that have been able to step in from the shadows during the past few months and I’m hoping to see more of them in our Pandacraft campaigns.
After the gremlins ate my screenshots or I was sooo excited I was pressing the wrong button, Elysha saved the day with the image so a special thank you to Elysha.

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