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I have just discovered that is no more, while I wasn’t a heavy user of the site, partly due to my infrequent use of the shadow spec, I did occasionally have use for it. 
It was during the Burning Crusade when I discovered the site and as I was raiding as a shadow priest for the greater part of that expansion, and I found the site invaluable as a way of increasing my DPS and knowing the BiS gear from the lists that were supplied. More recently, the help I received from the community (and a guild mate, Ronny, assisted but if I give Ronny too much credit I’ll never hear the last of it) gave me a 20% increase in DPS, yes I was THAT bad. The official announcement taken from the US forums is below. 

To all of the members of We are nearing a new expansion, and with it new changes. Some good, some bad, both in the game and out. About 2 years ago, prior to Cataclysm being released was sold, and prior to that back in 2007 it was sold to Bryghtpath LLC by the creator of the site, it may be sold again in the future. The company that purchased, ZizZero, promised to maintain the site, but primarily left running the day to day to the members. Since then the majority of the Site Administrators, and Moderators have moved on, and little has been done to update I have looked over ZizZero’s web site there really has been nothing beyond them buying up WoW Achievements,, and some other high profile Gaming web sites, soley for the purpose of advertising back in 2010.

So just as was created, so has a new site, Like this site was originally, it is run by players. If you look over the names of some of the higher ranking people there I am sure you will see some notable names from here. While the new site is not dedicated strictly to Shadow Priests, there are many active players there everyday, discussing stat changes, possible build ideas, rotations, values of talents in our new talent trees. All of the things that use to be discussed here and a lot of the topics we see everyday, Gear Check me, guild recruitment, etc. but so much more.

So why move on. Well the owners of have made it clear that the advertisements here do not generate a lot of income for them so they really do not pay attention to the daily goings on, unless the site goes down for an extended period of time. HoHo is the only person left that has limited Administrator powers, he does not have any way to update the Forum software and no way to update the out of date header that still point to WotLK information. Attempts have been made to get additional access but have never been responded to. I feel that carrying on the tradition of helping and sharing information with other priests would be best for all at H2P. So I hope that you all will join me, and others from here, at our new home. 

I am sure that this site will continue to exist as long as the revenue from the adds pays the bill. I will always check in, redirect questions, and try to answer any postings. Others have said they will also. But if you are looking to learn the most current information, or to get help, you should look there. 

edit: As of 8-16-2012. the site is shut down. 
edit: As of 8-22-2012. Site renewed.  
Thank you for your time,
I hope to see many of you there.

But while this is bad news, there is some really good news that has come of it and that is a new site, that covers all schools of priesthood. With people like Veiled and Derevka backing the site this is likely to be a mainstay of the priesting community for a long time and therefore I’m more than happy to give it a free plug.

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