Goals for 2012

2 weeks into 2012 and it is high time I set myself some goals for coming year. I already have at least 1 character of each class at max level, each profession maxed out and gear levels are high enough on all characters on my home server to enter the raid finder so the goals for the coming year are going to be no push overs.

So a quick head scratch and I’ve come up with 10 goals for me in 2012, in no particular order the goals are:

Insane in the Membrane – That means a rep grind which outside of raiding is a major part of my game activity over the past few years. The task is get to exalted with all 4 Steamwheedle Cartel factions (Booty BayEverlookGadgetzan and Ratchet), Darkmoon Faire, Ravenholdt and honoured with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.  Now I’m well on my way with the Steamwheedle Cartel already completed, Darkmoon Faire very close thanks to the 4.3 revisions and my previous grinding using card turn ins, Ravenholdt is also close I just need a lot of pick pocketing trips to Blackrock Spire on my rogue, Fingersmith the hard grind will be the Bloodsail Buccaneers and of course my own special twist of getting that to exalted to get Avast, Ye Admiral AND keeping the goblin rep at exalted too.

Hero of Shattrath – Rep grind 2! Another one in progress, I’m currently exalted with the Aldor and I just need more Dampscale Basilisk Eyes and then I can unload my stash Firewing Signets and Sunfury Signets upon the Scryers. Shame nobody sells the Dampscale Basilisk Eyes on the Shadowsong AH and  I’ve been too lazy to farm them properly. I will finish this in 2012.

Another goal that I am already working on is getting all professions maxed on my 10 Shadowsong characters. This is already a long way through having both primary professions, cooking and first aid maxed on all 10. The tough ones are fishing (only 2 at max currently) although the buff fishing received in 4.3 will help greatly in my speed in achieving this.

The killer one will be maxing 9 more characters archaeology even with the significant buffs that received in 4.3 it is still a huge time sink because of the travel required and the 2 reasons this hasn’t been done so far is that it is a bit slow and I want Evlyxx to get the Recipe: Vial of the Sands first. Which leads nicely into the next goal which is to get the Sandstone Drake and the accompanying achievement Vial of the Sands. While I could buy one, I feel that as an alchemist, I should make my own.

So the TL:DR version:

Which conveniently makes 10 goals for 2012. Have you set any in game goals?

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