Glory of the Firelands Raider is MINE!


The past few weeks the folks at Exhumed and I have been going back and doing the meta, Glory of the Firelands Raider. We had all the required heroic kills and lacked only the Do a Barrel Roll achievement because we had always managed to hit a tornado. So our mission was simple get in there and kill her without getting hit by tornados. Easy!
Well it would have been had we not been plagued by a series of random DCs, people getting hit by brushfire (one of our group had that to get as well) and after 2 hours of wiping we decided to not calling a wipe for the brushfire, and then promptly went ahead and avoided ALL 4 obstacles at once, go figure.
A few of the team (aka the slackers) still need a few achievements and I’m sure we can go get them soon as the hardest ones are all done anyway.
I’d like to thank Sophina for being the pain in the ass wanting to start this achievement, Baniza for making it happen and all the other players that came along at various points to join the core of 8 that got the meta last night.
Top work folks, you made an old man very happy,

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