Dun Modr - wetlands

I learned that solo questing as a priest was slow and painful and sometime deadly, I battled through the quests in Loch Modan and then moved onto the Wetlands, which is exactly what it is there. I started questing then met up with Kittiah on his 2nd character, a gnome warlock called Agonise, and a friend he was questing with. We teamed up with some other people and headed of to do some group quests, which except for my Deadmines experience wa sthe first time I’d tried grouping with people. I was really fun and was where I discovered I really liked healin . It was as if I had discovered the purpose of my character.

By now I had caught up to Falynn in levels and suggested that we quest together, for the next few weeks our evenings were spent questing together through Duskwood, Stranglethorn Vale, and Desolace which took us to level 39, we joined a guild, EZO and these few weeks are still some of my most enjoyable moments in WoW because of the fun that was had playing the game in a group with a friend from real life. Then Falynn lost interest in WoW because of the constant talk about the game at work, this was a set back and made me sad that I had driven my questing partner away from the game.

If it had not been for the online friends I had made at EZO I am sure my WoW fascination would have faded but being part of the one of Shadowsong’s biggest guilds meant that there were people to group with to do quests or instances together.

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