Forgive Me, I Have Been Slack

Just a  quick post to say sorry to all you guys and gals that have waited patiently for my next post.

Real life has been a bit chaotic at work lately and that combined with some of my free time consumed with some normal boring stuff like looking for a new job closer to home so I can actually afford to go to work and pay the bills at home. What this resulted in was a lack of time to play and keep up the blog posting.  But things seem to be slowing down a bit now, thankfully.

My posting schedule will change to once a week until May, hopefully the early part rather than the latter but don’t hold me to it. But over the next 4 weeks I’m hoping to get back on top of things and I’ll be able to get the ideas I have for posts fully written up and can once more return to a regular twiec week schedule on a Wednesday and Saturday.

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