Feeding the Rich and (In)Famous?

Ever get the feeling you have a celebrity stalker? Well following my last post, Preparing For Deathwing,  on October 28th a ratehr well known blog has made a post about the exact same thing entitled, Cataclysm preparation #1. Now I’m not saying that he is following my blog or copying my content but a more suspicious man may arrive at that conclusion should he be into conspiracy theories.

To rub salt into the open wound young Gevlon has now followed it up with make matters worse he has followed  it up with Cataclysm preparation #2 which is almost identical to the follow up I have planned  for closer to Cataclysm (which I’ll continue to develop as mine has a little more detail) and both articles are definitely worthy of a read as is the Greedy Goblin blog in general.

Watch this space for my Preparing For Deathwing pt2 post.

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