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It has taken me way too long to do this but now it is here I hope you enjoy my Weak Aura import strings for priests of all specs. My thanks go to Derevka at Tales of a Priest for getting me off the starting blocks back in September 2012 when Power Auras died and also to TouchyMcFeel for his awesome Weak Aura tutorial videos on YouTube, you really should subscribe to his channel regardless of your Weak Aura abilities.

There are four in total, one for each spec and one for all specs and for them to work effectively you will need at least 2 of them; the one for your main spec and the all specs version.My discipline set up is at the top of the post, the holy one is shown below:


and below is my shadow spec one showing the offensive spells which I do NOT track when in either the Discpline or Holy specs:


Rather than paste all the code here I have uploaded them to pastebin.com and all you need to do is cut and paste them from there into your Weak Aura Import box.

A more detailed look at the auras are on my Weak Auras For Priests page but if you just want the auras, the four imports are:

When importing make sure you manually copy and paste from the lower box on pastebin, as whenever I try to import using their clipboard feature my strings get rejected despite it copying exactly the same text. Makes no sense but the manual method does work.

If you have any feedback on these imports or need help with Weak Auras just post a comment below or send an email to evlyxx at evlyxx dot co dot uk.

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  1. I'm brand new to Weak Auras and have been looking for some generic set-ups and yours have been the best I've seen by far. They are making life much easier for me and showing a marked improvement in my performance. Thank you Evlyxx!

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