Evlyxx: The New Model

Evolution of a brand happens and when Blizzard announced that the character models were to be revamped there was much excitement and much nervousness. But at BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard knocked our socks off with the new character models and I was one of the millions of players that rejoiced at the way the new models where so close to the original, but better! So far, I have not heard a single dissenting voice about the models, sure people whined that the NElf had no fangs, but she did, and ofc the female Draenei April Fool caused a ripple but no one seems to have moaned about their toon being ruined.

But today for the first time I’ve been having some doubts because the female human model looks kind of odd. To show you what I mean I put Evlyxx to the test on the beta realms by using the diable new character model feature so I knew it was a direct replacement rather than me getting something wrong elsewhere.

Undressed the human female form looks very unchanged:

This is great and adding some armour shows some subtle changes in posture, notice the neck and shoulder area and the way the robes hang differently near the feet:

I’m sure you’ll agree it all looks rather good and nothing much to complain about.

Until you look at the face. The changes are, quite sublte and revolve around the mouth being a different shape and the eyes being less animé style and also being furter awayy from the eyebrows but it makes such a huge difference to the character. She looks as if she is in deep thought and less friendly, meaner, more grumpy even. If it were a person I was talkking with, it is if she is not engaged in the converstaion with me but had her mind on something some place else. In short, Evlyxx no longer looks like Evlyxx it is as if someone kidnapped her and replaced her with an evil clone of her.

Maybe I’m being petty, maybe there are some tweeks left to come from Blizzard but right now I’m a very unhappy bunny about potentially having to use the old character models when using Evlyxx, especially after being a fan of the new models for so long, maybe I’ll warm to the new look, who knows. Have you checked your toon out to see how it changes when using the new model? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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