Evangelysm Podcast Show 7, Season 1.


Show 7, Season 1, 17 March 2015.

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The past week I have been mostly….

1.    PVP druid: lvl35 long Qs levelling by herbing and cook/fish/pet battle dailies.
2.    Garrisonless shaman: Got another level and Shadowmoon now complete
3.    Evlyxx II: been neglected this week /hangs head in shame
4.    Evlyxx: 8/10 BRF progress on Maidens. 4pce at last half normal
5.    Exhumed: now been made GM but still not promoted coming soon!!
6.    Hearthcast AoE appearance
7.    IRL: Changes incoming to my life schedule that may force a show change. Still trying to work out details in my head as nothing is confirmed and times are still fluid.
and now the news…

General News
•    BlizzCon will be November 5th and 6th 2015
•    Tickets $199 USD via Eventbrite at 3 am BST on 16 April and 6 pm BST on 18 April.
•    Players now deal 10% less damage against other players while in PvP combat.

Raid News
•    MC BRF: 19 guilds now have killed MC Blackhand
•    12 EU guilds, 4 Chinese, 2 Korean, 1 US guild.
•    3 Alliance and 16 Horde
•    Blood Legion leaving the World First race for now.
•    Blizzard confirmed that you get more legendary drops on alts.
•    BUG FIX: Blackhand – Siegemaker’s Battering Ram ability is no longer considered to be an AoE attack on all difficulties.

Priest News
•    BUG FIX: Cascade will now properly use the casting Priest’s Multistrike chance for bounces beyond the first one.

Ranty News
•    hotfix next week that will increase the item level of all raid drops from all difficulties of the Blackrock Foundry raid.

Talk Talk
Was all about class balance

Mail Time
Syene (@_3ske) said: Divine Insight does make PoM instant although not reflected in the tooltip;

This is How We Do It
This week what I looked at the tier 6 or level 90 talents.

In next week’s Talk Talk I’ll be looking at the standard Blizzard UI and why I don’t use it. I’d love to hear if you use the standard UI and your reasons for why you do or don’t use it.

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