Evangelysm Podcast Show 6, Season 1.


Show 6, Season 1, 9 March 2015.

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The past week I have been mostly….
  1. Not levelling my druid Ursula on Aszune by PVP but by herbing and cook/fish/pet battle dailies;
  2. Not logging onto my garrisonless shaman;
  3. Getting Evlyxx to 7/10 in HC BRF and progress on Maidens;
  4. Playing shadow in RBGs on Evlyxx;
  5. Neglecting Evlyxx II beside Garrison missions;
  6. Becoiming the new GM of Exhumed;
  7. Being eliminated from the Wow podcaster Tournament of Epicness because I failed the cut;
  8. Appearing on Girls Gone WoW – show 171;
  9. I’m now getting comfortable with doing this show and am now looking to upgrade my equipment;
  10. Preparing to man up and start begging the accountant (aka wife)  for some fundsfor the above;

General News
WoW Token;
6.1.2 now on PTR;
BUG FIX: Dark Heart of Pandaria (Scenario) bug fixed;

Raid News
Mythic Race: Grats to Midwinter for world 3rd / Alliance-US  1st.
3 tanks?BUG FIX: fall damage on Blackhand

Priest News
BUG FIX: Archangel should no longer incorrectly increase Flash Heal’s mana cost.
BUG FIX: Vampiric Embrace should no longer incorrectly factor in damage caused by Searing Insanity.

Talk Talk
Was all about instance difficulty and what would make it better

Mail Time
email from Dan (@TheSteakhaus) about class balance;
Jon (@jvirangaming) asked: What comes after talents and complained about my levels;

This is How We Do It
This week what I looked at the tier 5 or level 75 talents.

Next week my Talk Talk section will be focusing on  class balance in Warlords of Draenor and I’d love to hear your views and personal experiences on this so please contact the show  by
email to
or alternatively via Twitter
to the show: @EvangelysmCast
or to me: @Evlyxx

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