Evangelysm Podcast Show 3, Season 1.

Before I cover what the show is all about this week I’d just like to share my current set of Weak Auras for all 3 priest specs as I have just updated my Shadow ones:

Show 3, Season 1, 18 February 2015.

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In the past week I have been mostly….
  1. Doing the garrison grind on my Alliance toons on the Shadowsong – Aszune connected realm. And yes it does really get more boring each week and yes I’m almost at breaking point with it. That said I have pushed my last 2 toons into Draenor, my monk was smuggled away via the power of a warlock summon (thanks to Mettah, Alkathraze and Misanthropé for assisting in that exercise and I also took my druid, Mugruith the proper way and OMG druids need a nerf at that level one Starsurge and things die and if when I got cocky I simply moonfired half a dozen mobs and then starfalled and pulled in another half a dozen to dot up and simply looted their rotting corpses at my feet!
  2. On Evlyxx I have been mainly farming mounts (fruitlessly as it turns out) while waiting for my Ashran queue to pop. Which has consumed a lot of time for very little reward and I’m hoping the fixes coming soon will stop that.
  3. Killing 2 new heroic bosses also on Evlyxx, in Blackrock Foundry, Hans’gar and Franzok which was possibly the funniest fight to listen to ever and Operator Thogar, he with the trainset and man what a fight that is and I am asheamed to admit I failed horribly at dodging trains on more than one occasion and here is a free tip to all of you, if you have to move off of a track don’t dither, don’t change your mind because you’ll end up dead and that applies to any fight not just Thogar!
  4. I also cleared 9/10 Blackrock on our casual guild raid this weekend and failed to get any gear from there and
  5. Evlyxx II also got some raid action this week in my second outing with the lovely folks of Cotton Candy and we managed to kill HC Kargath and got close on Twins and Tectus.
  6. I’m also considering renaming Evlyxx II because, it is really confusing having 2 toons on the same connected realm with the same name especially when I’m trying to talk through this section.
  7. I’ve also spent a good portion of time learning some more tricks in Audacity and hopefully over the coming weeks you’ll hear the difference in the show as I get better with the software and techniques of audio production.
Raid News
At the time of recording Mythic Blackhand still remains the undefeated champion of Black Rock Foundry and only Paragon and Method look like real challengers this week as both are 9/10 Mythic. There are many guilds at 8/10 and all are stuck on Blast Furnace. And having done that fight only on normal and found it both challenging and dull god only knows how these guys are feeling about it as their bashing their heads against the wall
I also found it rather comical that many US guilds were proudly announcing “world firsts” on Mythic bosses last Tuesday despite their 24 hour head start on the EU guys and yes technically they were correct but seriously its almost as bad as the Super Bowl winners declaring themselves as World Champions
This week also saw Blizzard announce major graphical overhauls to the engine running Warcraft that are coming in 6.1 and these are of course already live on the PTR. The changes sound great and are evidence that Blizzard are trying to make the game prettier than ever and of course future proofing it. Hopefully wont screw over those players with lesser systems as they are optional upgrades.
Talk Talk
This week, I decided, wrongly as it turns out that the patch would drop in the EU on Wednesday18th February (it is actually coming Wednesday 25th February) and rather than go through EVERYTHING, I just covered what interests me most with a heavy focus on priests and raiding but I will go through in the order that I found the patch notes on the official site, but I will cover the priest changes at the end.
Rather than post everything I covered just take a peek at the official 6.1 patch site here.
Mail Time
I’m still getting no mail and this week I failed to even get any questions / feedback via Twitter or the guild /cry.
However, I have nominated myself for Sheep Moon’s 2015 Podcaster Tournament of Epicness and I’d like to ask you all that you go and nominate me and any other podcasters that you listen to. You have until Feb 24th which really isn’t far away so go and do it now by visiting the Sheep Moon site here.
So I really really really want to hear from you guys and gals so please email me at:
If you’d like to get in touch with me the email address is:
podcast@evlyxx.co.ukThe show twitter account is:

My personal twitter account is:

As usual, I ended the show with my tips section…
This is How We Do It
This week what I looked at was the tier 2 or level 30 talents. As we had in the first tier talents all priest specs have the same three talent options.
This tier of talents is all about movement, the first option is Body and Soul which increases the movement speed of the target of your Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith Icon Leap of Faith by 60% for 4 seconds.
The second choice is Angelic Feather allows you to place up to 3 feathers on the ground. Moving over a feather increases the player’s movement speed by 60% for 6 seconds. This ability has a maximum of 3 charges, and a 10-second recharge time.
And finally we have Phantasm causes your Fade to remove all movement-impairing effects from you. It also makes you unslowable for 5 seconds.
My favorite is and always has Body and Soul because it allows full control over who gets your speed buffs it is also passive as being Disc  you’re already putting bubbles on your raid members. This does cause problems though as if someone needs a speed buff and you shielded them a few seconds before you Weakened Soul prevents you from assisting them It also means they may be unable to get a shield when they need the damage mitigation because you gave them a speed buff a few seconds earlier.
Angelic Feather gives a longer speed buff but you lose the control as the person you want to speed up must actively running through the feathers left behind which can be consumed by other players.
Phantasm is more of a PvP talent, and can especially when combined with Spectral Guise, the priest invisibility tier 1 talent we discussed last week. But in PVE it is pretty much useless.

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