Evangelysm Podcast: Season 5, Show 61

‘Where Have I Been’ Show 61, Season 5, 26 Aug 2017.

In this episode of Evangelysm I provide an update on where I’ve been for the past 9 months.


Not really much to add here except I’m settling into a new home and whilst I’m back podcasting it won’t be weekly just yet as I need to spend some time remodelling every room so much of my free time will be focused there. However, I will put out content at least monthly for the rest of the year. My new home comes with 100x better Internet too so I can hopefully get some streaming done too, more details on that once I have some.

One thing I don’t mention in the podcast is that I’m currently trying to lose weight as my 27st 2lb (380lb for you American folks) was a huge health risk and since Christmas I’ve managed to reduce that to ‘only’ 23st 2lb (325lb) but I’m aiming for a svelte 15st or 210lb which seems a long way off. Just as a guide though I found a pic I took one year ago and have it side by side with one I took today.


But for now its good to be back.


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