How to Fix an Empty Guild and an Empty Auction House


Tired of an empty guild, an empty, a very expensive Auction House, a newly dinged level 85 with no gold and a desire to try to get into some Horde side raiding I finally realised that keeping my Horde priest on a low pop realm and on a minority faction was a pointless exercise. I had considered a realm transfer a week ago but struggled on, the Blizzard hit me with an advert on the loading screen.
The timing was impeccable and I decided that with all the problems and the offer it was like a sign from the gods. My dear old friend, Gricey, happened to be online and on his Horde alt on Draenor EU and a few questions to him suggested it sounded like a suitable candidate for my new home. Then a trip to Warcraft Realms stats page confirmed that it could be a good realm but a couple of other realms also looked appealing so I rolled a couple of level 1 toons and set of for 30 minutes “spying” in Orgrimmar.
I was looking for signs of an active community, a active but not stupidly priced mats market on the Auction House what I was also looking for the treatment of the trade trolls a section of the wow community I have no respect for and will avoid at all costs. Draenor as a recommendation was my first visit it looked good financially as the AH was full and prices not to far off the prices I’m used to on Shadowsong EU. The one thing that I was worried about though was the spam in trade and lack of pug activity.
I also gave Kazzak EU a look and that ticked all the boxes and had a over stocked AH with rather low prices on mats and good prices on finished products meaning my tailoring and enchanting could be levelled up and then return an income, which is high priority as I have 200g left of my 7000g from last week after levelling enchanting to 350 (and getting ass raped for the price of the rods needed to do the enchants) and HATE farming for gold. Other realms that looked good were Defias Brotherhood and Stormscale but visits there didn’t give the same warm fuzzy feeling I got from the other 2 realms. It was hard to split Kazzak EU and Draenor EU so I decided to visit the realm forums and there was nothing to split the 2. In the end it came down to the AH prices and the sheer volume of pugs being advertised on Kazzak EU that sent me there. 
I was mad at myself for not doing this last week when I could have played the markets a bit with my 7000 gold and transferred some profitable items over to Kazzak EU, but with a measly 200g it simply wasn’t worth the effort of looking for items I could drag over with me. Mistakes, we all make them this one is recoverable. 
Next on my to do list is finding a full time guild there, but as I got invited to a level 25 “super guild” within a few minutes of logging on the immediate rush to do so has been removed as I can get the benefits of the guild perks already, but I have a good feeling that my Hordeside adventures will be much better after the move. 

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