Deja Vu II- Not Learning from Past Mistakes

Smith Hauthaa, the Badge of Justice vendor, is in there…..somewhere

In a blue post ( yesterday Blizzard have announced that the daily heroic reward of 70 Valor Points is to be replaced in 4.1by a weekly maximum reward system. Their reasoning is that this will allow players who don’t play every day but play lots on a few days will be able to earn the same number of Valor Points as someone who logs on and does the daily heroic. They also stated that they didn’t want the daily heroic to feel like a job, which I admit it does.

Also in 4.1, the heroics will be split in 2 levels. Tier 1 heroics will be all those Cataclysm heroics already in the game and these will continue to give 70 Valor Points per run. Tier 2 heroics will be the new Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub instances will give 140 per run.

The weekly cap on Valor Points from Heroics (VPfH) is to be 980 which is double the current limit. However, the weekly cap on Valor Points is still to be 1250. This means that almost everyone raiding is going to be able to get weekly Valor Point capped, because you only need to have 4 raid boss kills per week, and with Argaloth, Magmaw, Omnotron, Halfus and the Conclave of Wind being very easy kills only the late starters will not get capped. Sure the VPfH cap from Tier 1 heroics is still 490 but with the remaining 490 VPfH can come from the Tier 2 heroics.

While I don’t object to the system, indeed it is probably part of their way to nerf raids by speeding up the gearing up process Ghostcrawler refers to in his Raid Progress blog post. However, it does make me wonder if Blizzard are failing to learn from past mistakes or if they don’t see events, like the ones of making Tier 6 equivalent loot availble from running normal heroics, as mistakes. They may as well just put raid loot as rare boss drops in the heroics, at least that way it would feel special.

There are other hidden problems too. SKF, my guild, has killed 6 raid bosses (+ Argaloth) so each week the majority of our raid team are getting 490 VPfH and 490 from raids. Come 4.1 we’ll most likely focus on the tier 2 content but as we’re already only running heroics for the 490 VPfH most will likely only aim to get weekly capped on Valor Points until they have all the items from Valor Points which as most of us are now collecting the last few pieces won’t be long. Once I have no use for Valor Points I’ll most likely stop running heroics as there is nothing in them for me (as an enchanter/alchemist even the Chaos Orbs aren’t a lure) and thats one more healer out of the system, meaning that more DPS will have to wait longer for their heroics.

Blizzard should be trying to encourage tanks and healers from running heroics not giving us ways of speeding up the process to not need to run them. Is that too much to ask or am I just being a selfish?

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