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I’m glad to report that on February 9th, 2012 myself and 9 friends from Exhumed successfully slaughtered Deathwing and therefore saved the citizens of Azeroth from their impending doom. But seriously, I was honoured to be part of the guild’s first kill and as much as my ego would like to think they couldn’t have done it without me they most definitely could have although I’m glad they did let me tag along despite my lowly trialist rank in the guild.

The kill happened after less than 4 hours and that was really only us devising a startegy that enabled us to deal with an unslowed Elementium Bolt and to have done so with only 1 stack of the Power of the Aspects buff means that we’re in the second tier of raiding guilds  despite our casual social guild style.
Compared to the likes of Cho’gall, Al’Akir, Nefarian and Ragnaros this was  much faster. Now I don’t know what the effort the guys of Exhumed had on those bosses but I spent many raids on them and Deathwing was relatively simple and a bit of a disappointment but all the same I feel great about doing it and I’m not going to use this time and place to moan about that.
Look I won an RBG!
On top of this great news is that I’m settling into the new guild and that is down to the awesome folks in the guild there who are just as friendly as the folks back in Saturday Knight Fever even if their sense of humour is a little more sick, although still none of them are as bad (good?) as Carbanite. On top of the raid success I also actually having fun doing PVP, yes there we go I said it. Exhumed have a newly formed RBG team so I am now legitimately earning Conquest Points rather than just switching my no longer useful Valor Points on them. After only 6 years I’m now understanding most of the battlegrounds, although exactly how Strand of the Ancient works is still a mystery.
That said I am still a little sad that I had to leave some great folks behind in Saturday Knight Fever but still having my alts there has meant I haven’t lost touch with them and if things carry on as tehy are at present that should continue indefinitely.

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  1. Nice to see you got your second kill last night too wilko. It has been a great few weeks or actually months for Exhumed, with some awesome new faces like you (it pains me say) and more stable raid leadership things are progressing along nicely.

    Im sure Sam will have an opinion or 2 to share on the subject matter above!

  2. Great to have you on board Ian. After 6 years I actually dipped my toes in a battleground myself but it was bloody freezing so I nipped back to the stables and hung out in the paddock with the horses 🙂

    Awesome having you in the guild. It's like always been here (that's a compliment 😛 )

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