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Recently a forum post on our guild website prompted me to put together a short guide to farming cloth and rather than let it fester there I thought I’d share it here.
In my experience, farming cloth is often the best option because it is often very expensives, particularly Frostweave and Embersilk. Therefore, the profits on crafted items, the cost of leveling kits and the cost of your own power leveling  make buying cloth inefficient. Therefore farming is needed. But where do you farm the cloth you need? 
With the advent of cross realm zones, the best spots are often being used by levelers and we don’t want to upset them by running in and AoEing down half the zone and steal their kills or let them steal ours! 
Therefore I prefer to hit an instance of the appropriate level un til I have hit the 5 instances per hour cap when I will go and farm the world area, respecting any levelers in the area, until my cap has reset. My recommended farming spots are below.

Linen Cloth
Level : 5-15
Instance: Deadmines
World: Gnolls in Westfall

Wool Cloth
Level : 20-26
Instance: Stockades
World: undead in Raven Hill Crypts

Silk Cloth
Level : 33-38
Instance: Scarlet Monastery
World: cultists Eastern Plaguelands

Mageweave Cloth
Level : 40-48
Instance: Dire Maul North
World: ogres in Badlands

Level : 51-58
Instance: Blackrock Spire
World: undead Gilnaens in Blasted Lands

Netherweave Cloth
Level : 60-70
Instance: Shadow Labs
World: demon hunters on Black Temple roof (not the instance!)

Frostweave Cloth
Level : 70-80
Instance: Utgarde Keep/Pinnacle
World: Converted Heroes in Icecrown

Embersilk Cloth
Level : 80-85
Instance: Grim Batol (don’t do the bombing run)
World: Tol Barad (anything except the spiders!)

Have you got better suggestions? If so I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I found a another place that was quite nice for farming Frostweave Cloth. The mobs after the first boss in Plague quarter in Naxxramas. All the bats gives you like 2-3 stacks.. and if you first do 25 man.. and then change to 10 man and just reset all instances the mobs will respawn.. so you can get quite alot of stacks quite easily..

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