Cho’Gall has now left the building!

Finally after what seemed like hundreds of deaths to Cho’Gall (I’m sure the number was a lot less to be honest) the guys of Saturday Knight Fever (sadly there were no real life gals in the raid) killed Cho’Gall.

Last week I had experimented with a 4 man ranged team that simply obliterated the adds but left too little DPS on the big fella himself and meant we lost a lot of time switching and caused people to make minor mistakes which in turn led to too much corruption which really hurt us in the final phase. This week we went with 3 ranged and 2 melee and on the very first pull of the night down he went.

I’d love to report that it was a text book kill, but with only 3 standing at the end it clearly wasn’t, but quite frankly we didn’t care. The emotion was high and the relief that we had done this before the 4.2 nerf was overwhelming. We handed out the loot, Tier shoulders to Beltyr probably our most dependable player and one of our ever presents so despite him stealing them from me a big grats on getting your 4 piece set bonus in time for Firelands.

We then proceeded to Blackwing Descent and halfway through Magmaw I realised that we had not taken a screenshot! So Magmaw down and back we went to Cho’Gall’s Throne Room and took the screenshot you see above. We finished the night off with clearing the way to Nefarian and Al’Akir so a real top night of raiding was had meaning the team tonight are left with a new progression fight which will be Nefarian.

All this means that the content seems to have been paced for guilds like us, we’re not bad raiders just very casual and therefore high on rotation of players meaning even fights that are technically farm can cause minor issues as we adjust to different raid compostions and people playing slightly different roles because of it. I’d still liked to have killed Nefarian and Al’Akir before the nerf but we’re this close and to be honest it would happen in 2-3 weeks more but I’d rather have the new content now and comeback and kill the pair post nerf than artificially postpone 4.2.

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