Cheesing Meters Wastes Time


I have been looking at ways we are wasting time in raids lately and trying
to trim off a minute here and there that will hopefully give us 15-20
minutes extra per raid.

The first step was the change to loot system from master loot /roll to using group loot which certainly I feel is a big contributor to the “wasted” time.
My new target is DPS. I don’t give a care about individual DPS, HPS or TPS as long as bosses die quickly.
faster a boss dies the better YOUR DPS is because the longer a fight
goes on the less % of that fight you spent in the perfect DPS situation
where all your trinkets and weapon enchants proc’d during heroism while
you blew your cooldowns.

 Some people love to cheese the meters and make themselves look good
to people that only focus on the DPS meters. A great way is to cleave on
a council type fight even if technically that makes a DPS loss on the
kill target.
Council fights come in 3 flavours a shared HP pool (Stone Guardians
in MSV), each boss having their own independent HP pool (Council of
Elders in ToT) and each boss having an HP pool that gets healed in one
of the other bosses dies (Paragons of the Klaxxi in SoO).
In examples 1 and 2 cleave is godly, you should multi-dot and cleave
as the bosses die much faster. There may be times when you need to burn
through one of them for a short period of time but mostly cleave (not
AoE) is good. The last example is one where cleave and multi-dotting is
not godly. Sure if some light cleave actually boosts your single target
DPS it should be done (thinking warlock rain of fire to generate embers
for chaos bolts) but things like Chain Lightning, Sweeping Strikes and
Blade Flurry should be avoided because it lowers your DPS on the focus

As an example I’ll look at our kill of the Paragons this week where we failed big time:

  1. Rik’kal the Dissector – 44m HP
  2. Skeer the Bloodseeker – 61m HP
  3. Korven the Prime – 61m HP
  4. Hisek the Swarmkeeper – 54m HP
  5. Xaril the Poisoned Mind – 54m HP
  6. Kaz’tik the Manipulator – 54m HP
  7. Iyyokuk the Lucid – 54m HP
  8. Ka’roz the Locust – 44m HP
  9. Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver – 61m HP
That gives the bosses a total of 487m HP, the Bloods have 6m, Amber
and kunchong 7m each and we kill one of each during the fight meaning we
should do a toital of 507m damage if there is zero cleave which will
never happen because tanks need to AoE tank, we have legendary cloaks
and the genuine DPS boosting cleave. I’ll assume that this is worth 15%
of our total damage so overall we should be hitting around 583m damage
on the Paragons. However our damage was MUCH higher:

In fact we did 20% more damage than we needed to. The issue can be
seen when looking at the damage done to Karoz, Iyyokuk, Hissek and
Kilruk who despite having a combined HP of 213m took a total of 392m
damage to kill. Karoz took almot 3x his HP in damage!
Dealing this much extra damage means a MINIMUM of 20% extra time
taken to kill a boss and places more strain on the healer team as mana
does begin to run out and people take mopre damage from bosses. If all
fights we’re 20% shorter and people avoided the damage of doing dumb
stuff to get an extra chaos bolt in we could 2 heal many more fights
which would mean even faster kills and less time having to raid.
Shorter fights will also mean you do more DPS without having to cheat
the meters and that makes you and your raid team better raiders.

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