Looking For Mojo

April 5, 2016

It has been an odd few weeks and for the first time in my 10 years of playing Warcraft I am genuinely bored. I’m not saying there aren’t things to do in-game, there are. It is just I can’t think of a good enough reason to log in and farm more mounts, pets, transmog sets/pieces, level my last few Horde characters to 100. Sure the lack of NEW content is…


Evangelysm Podcast: Season 3, Show 46.

March 27, 2016

‘Slack and Burn’ Show 46, Season 3, 27 Mar 2016. In this episode of Evangelysm, I talk about the pitfalls of running a mythic guild and look at the different openers when playinga clarity of power shadow priest. Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element. My Man Cave Its messy I know but its where my son and I game, hang out and I record my podcast to…


Sunday Screenshot #52

March 5, 2016

This week’s screenshot comes from my visit to Mythic Hellfire Citadel this week. Sadly we didn’t have enough for a full 20 man raid team so we went with what we had and 18 manned the content. We didn’t expect to get as far as killing allo of our 5 farm bosses but that is exactly what we did. Just goes to show that if you have the right player,…


Loot Council: The Exhumed Solution

Loot is the single biggest headache involved with raiding. The past few weeks it has been something I have been focused on heavily as I prepare to move my guild, Exhumed of Shadowsong EU, into Mythic raiding. We decided a while back to move to Loot Council but hadn’t considered the nuts and bolts of how to do this. We looked at addons and they really don’t add any benefit…

October 13, 2014

The Change to Loot Council

I’m back, well I never went away to be honest just a whole lot of real life, preparing for Warlords and if I’m truly honest whole lot of writers block caused by generally feeling run down due to the real world stuff. I haven’t stopped playing WoW though and have been really busy working towards a very big goal which I hope to cover soon so i won’t spoil that…

October 5, 2014

Yor’sahj Is Now Sleeping

This week saw the Power of the Aspects increase another 5% so now bosses are hitting 30% lighter and only have 30% of their original hit points. While it has made some normal modes far too easy (I’m sure even the most casual of raiding guilds could 5 man Morchok and therefore should be able to kill him on heroic mode) it is allowing my guild to make more progress…

July 20, 2012