Cataclysm was Great Because……

A lot of my posts has moaned about how bad X was and stuff. But to be fair I’m only critical of the game because I love it so much and with the post-expansion blues being around I thought I’d put a short post together extolling the virtues of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion.
My aim here is to be only positive and what I’m about to post will no doubt be deemed controversial or potential troll bait by some folks. So without further delay here are my 5 reasons Cataclysm the expansion rocked.
  1. Heroics felt heroic;
  2. Tier 11 was great content;
  3. Guilds mattered;
  4. 1-60 revamp:
  5. Transmogrification;

Of course I’m not gonna leave it at that! Here is a few lines about each of my 5 points.

Heroics felt heroic;

At launch the heroics were hard, not impossible but you had to play well, you had to talk to your group members and plan pulls including which mobs to CC. Healers simply couldn’t keep tanks up without that happening and if DPS stood in the crap? They died and while some yelled at the healer, some got yelled at by the group for being stupid and a few worked out they were the fool and didn’t do it again.

Tier 11 was great content;

We were promised epic raiding in Cataclysm and with tier 11 Blizzard delivered it to us. OK so Argaloth was a joke but that was a theme carried over from Wrath. All other content was great, challenging content that kept us all happy and with 12 bosses in 3 raid instances the scenery changed and boss mechanics were good, hell Blizz even chucked in a few new models for us to kill.

Guilds mattered;

Dungeon finder had “killed the guild” but with the new guild leveling, guild achievements and guild rep all that changed as people were very focused on doing things within the guild. Cataclysm really put the focus back on being part of the team and prevented it from feeling like a single player game.

1-60 revamp:

I was late to the party to test this out but once I got there I was over joyed. Extra flight paths, one-off taxi rides to new quest hubs and zones, fun and interesting questing mechanics, fewer grind quests and no more “unable to find zone to quest in for my level” problems (infact this was reveresed into “OMG my quests in this zone are now grey!”)


I saved the best until last, seriously, me a raider/end game content player at heart found this to be the best feature of Cataclysm. Years of frustration at clown outfits and now I can look great all the time. I am visiting old content to grab gear and a side line business of selling transmog gear has opened up gold making opportunities like never before.

Right that’s my list. What is your list?

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