Cataclysm: Making Gold With Maelstrom Crystals

Making gold in Cataclysm has not been hard you herb, mine or skin and post your daily gatherings on the AH right? Sure its one way and I did this on day 1 and made a lot of gold in the process. But I’m not one for stating the obvious.

Great success has also been had with Netherweave Bags, my poor old mage has been crafting literally hundreds of bags to keep up with the increased demand over the holiday period and at 7g profit per bag its a handsome profit. My scribe too has found excellent sales with glyphs  of around 2,000g per day. But the best ROI (both gold and time) has been something different and rather unexpected.

I took 50 Volatile Life, 12 Cinderbloom, 12 Azshara’s Veil and 12 Heartblossom and ended up with 3000g profit but to take advantage you must be an alchemist and an enchanter.

Guildies did not believe me and I’m guessing not many of you will to but using the above ingredients I created Lifebound Alchemist Stone and then disenchanted it to get a Maelstrom Crystal. These items are rare right now because the only ways of getting epics that can be disenchanted is to raid or create them. The rep epics are not disenchantable so very few Maelstrom Crystals are available at the minute.

I checked my AH and only a few were listed so I decided to try my luck. My first one sold for 4200g, my second for 3900g my 3rd sold for 3600g and my 4th is sat on the AH at a miserable 2500g as the AH is now full of people selling them at prices around 1000g to 4000g. As time goes on the return will disappear to the point of being uneconomical as raiders will generate more than their group needs for enchants.

Total costs for these 4 Maelstrom Crystals were 2,720g (2,000g for the 200 Volatile Life and 720g for 60 of each of the herbs) my income has been 11,700g giving an average return so far of 2,993g and I have 1 Maelstrom Crystal in stock.

My other big return has been transmuting Shadowspirit Diamonds using a transmute spec alchemist and then cutting them into Revitalizing and Ember meta gems each selling for 500-800g depending on competition on the day.

The final strategy is a longer term one as I am taking advantage of all those other lovely enchanters mad to level their enchanting and posting all of those lovely Scrolls of Enchantment on the AH at massive losses. There are other professions selling really nice stuff at huge losses too that can be flipped long term to get big profits so look around and see what is out there particularly at weekends.

This post was written for inclusion in the January Wow Gold Blogging Carnival at Just My Two Copper, while not specifically a gold making blog I do cover my gold making activities in posts.

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  1. Seems that the moment has passed for the insane profits of this tip as the price of the crystals is now plummeting. Although the mats are also dropping, they're just not doing so as fast. The profit does still exist though so all is not yet lost.

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