Cataclysm Dungeons: Healing the Well of Eternity

Welcome to my second guide to the new 5 man dungeons in 4.3, The Well of Eternity a short NPC led dungeon with 4 bosses and 3 encounters and during the instance you’ll be transformed into a Night Elf. As you’d expect with it being centred around a major lore event you’ll get to meet and assist major lore figures.
Even if you’re not a healer you can get some benefit from reading as you’ll understand how you can help out your healer at key times during the encounters.

As you enter the dungeon you’ll need to kill a large demon before meeting you’re dungeon guide for the day Illidan Stormrage, yes THAT Illidan! your task now is to get across a courtyard full of demons and destroy 3 crystals, fortunately, Illidan gives you a stealth buff to get you through the masses of demons so you’ll only fight a trash packs near the three crystals. Once you have destroyed the third crystal the boss, Peroth’arn will spawn.
  • avoid the Felfire Circles he spawns under your feet;
  • when he hist 60% HP he does an AoE damage attack, all hug up and group heals and all is good here;
  • When he goes invisible, hide behind the pillars around the courtyard to avoid being spotted by teh eyes, and after 40 seconds Peroth’arn will reappear;
  • If anyone gets spotted by the eyes, Peroth’arn will reappear early, stun the spotted player and have a haste buff meaning your tank gets a beating a bit faster than before (which on the PTR isn’t that hard anyway);
  • Once he hits 25% HP he enrages and hits a bit harder, PS should burn him down and the fight is over;
Trash packs
After killing Perotha’rn, Illidan will disappear, fight the trash packs as you go up the stairs, spread out  to avoid the nasty chain lightning attack the eyes do type of ability and should be killed one at a time. The Highmistresses will make two copies of one of your group, kill the Highmistress as a priority. When you reach the top, you’ll see Queen Azshara and some adds. 
Queen Azshara
  • Despite there being 6 adds only 2 are active! Kill them, slowly all the adds come active so kill them quick to avoid being swamped, avoid the Coldflame and the Arcane Bomb  by moving out of the crud on the floor;
  • Spread out to avoid multiple people getting hit by the AoE attacks;
  • Make sure someone interupts Azshara’s Total Obedience, it’s an 8 second cast so no excuses DPS types! If Total Obedience is cast, everyone will be mind controlled for 20 seconds.
Trash packs
Once all the adds are dead, you’ve won the fight and you get an RP scene, it is quite long and leads you to the Well of Eternity and you meet up with Illidan again and also be joined by Malfurion and Tyrande. You now have a short trash gauntlet and you can use Tyrande’s moonwell for help and standing near Illidan will give you a buff which will help kill the trash a bit faster. AoE teh bats and you’ll start the last boss fight against Mannoroth and Varo’then. 

Mannorth and Varo’then
  • Illidan and Tyrande will deal with Mannoroth and the portal spawns but you will need toavoid Mannoroth’s Fel Firestorm by moving during the encounter;
  • Varo’then is pretty tame and will spawn Dreadlord Debilitators just before he dies that stop Tyrande from dealing with the demons, the DPS should stand in the moonwell and help her by killing the Debilitators and the demons. 
  • Once the Debilitators are dead go help Illidan on Mannoroth
  • Someone should pick up the sword that Varo’then dropped when he died and throw it at Mannoroth as this weakens him but will cause him to regularly emit Felfire;
  • Everyone should hug Illidan to reduce the incoming damage;
  • Mannoroth will open up a portal and stream of demons will pour out of it, Tyrande will deal with them while your party continue to assist Illidan killing Mannoroth;
  • Tyrande will eventually collapse at which point Illidan and anyone near to ho get a buff which will enable the fight to be over in a few seconds;
All that is left now is to loot, watch the RP scene and move on to the last of the 4.3 dungeons, the Hour of Twilight. If you have any comments, corrections or amendments to this guide please leave a comment below.

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