Cataclysm Dungeons: Healing Hour Of Twilight

Welcome to the third and final guide to the new 5 man dungeons in 4.3. The Hour of Twilight is a 3 boss instance which is also another Thrall escort quest instance just like Old Hillsbrad, will this guy ever do something without me there to help? This time we take Thrall to Dragonblight.

Even if you’re not a healer you can get some benefit from reading as you’ll understand how you can help out your healer at key times during the encounters.

The first boss is Arcurion who is at the end of an frost elemental gaunlet.


  • He spawns adds that will throw rocks at you, dodge them;
  • Let Thrall deal with the adds as you deal with the boss;
  • Chains of ice on all party members, dispel it;
  • Iceblock – cast on Thrall, free teh noob for not moving;
  • Torrent of Frost, 20k Frost damage per second to all, heal like you mean it and hope your DPS can kill him before you lose people;

Speak with Thrall to move on to Galakrond’s Rest and another gauntlet, stand in Thrall’s totems to get nice buffs.

Asira Dawnslayer

  • Mark of Silence cast on spell casters (inc the healer) when an affected player casts a spell Asira throws a dagger that silences for 2.5 seconds if it hits.
  • Daggers can be avoided by being behind the tank/melee DPS;
  • Red smoke clouds damage anyone who stands in them and makes anyone in them untargetable so dont tank her in them!;
  • Thrall help by using his totem so standing in them is good;
  • At low on health, Asira will uses Blade Barrier which is removed by a single 30k attack;

After killing Asira, red dragons will taxi you to Wyrmrest Temple. Speak to Thrall and you’ll start yet another trash gauntlet. Ranged DPS should deal with the Tentacles and melee DPS with the Faceless.

Archbishop Benedictus
Phase 1 (100% to 60%)

  • Righteous Shear, deals damage to anyone near the debuffed player and should be dispelled;
  • Orbs of light focus on a player and then land at their feet deals 80k damage per tick if you don’t move;
  • Wave of light that will go across the arena (think fire waves in Obsidian Sanctum) which deal 100k damage and knock back;
  • Finally Thrall is helping out properly by dispelling and summoning a water bubble that protects anyone in it from the wave of light;

Phase 2 (60% to death)

  • Shadow form;
  • Same abilities, except they now do shadow damage;
  • Thrall can’t help out
  • Shadow orbs will focus three players meaniung 3 shadow zones on the floor;

That concludes the guides on the new instances. If you have any comments, corrections or amendments to this guide please leave a comment below.

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