Cataclysm Dungeons: Healing End Time

Welcome to the first of my guides to the new 5 man dungeons in 4.3, End Time. a 3 boss dungeon with a twist as the first 2 encounters are selected from a possible 4 scenarios based around heroes/heroine of the Alliance and Horde, namely Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrande Whisperwind, Sylvanas Windrunner and Baine Bloodhoof and each takes place in one of the Drgaonshrines found in Dragonblight.

Even if you’re not a healer you can get some benefit from reading as you’ll understand how you can help out your healer at key times during the encounters.

Azure Dragonshrine
Trash Packs

  • your task is to collect 16 green fragments to get Jaina to spawn;
  • Destroy the lightwells that the priests summon and kill the trash packs near Jaina and while you can avoid most it is advisable to clear a couple more of these trash packs to be safe;
  • Once you’re comfortable taht you have enough room, you can tackle Jaina;

Echo of Jaina

  • Remember Jaina is a mage so she’ll blink around casting Frostbolt and a Pyroblast;
  • Her killer abilities are Frost Blades and Flarecore;
  • Frost Blades should be avoided, they are hard to miss and should you fail at avoiding them means you’ll get stunned for 5 seconds embarrassing as a DPS or a tank deadly for us healers;
  • Flarecore is a fireball type attack that lays a trap on teh ground which needs to be triggered (a bit like the traps in the Ragnaros fight in Firelands) as failure to do so within 10 seconds will cause it to detonate dealing bigger amounts of AoE damage than triggering it does;
  • other than this its an easy fight for tank/healer as long as you don’t get an extra trash pack;

Emerald Dragonshrine
Trash packs
The trash are all Nightsabers and you kill them by dragging them into the fountains of light that spawn (one at a time) once the 5th fountain of light despawns Tyrande will spawn.

Echo of Tyrande

  • Moonbolt and Stardust are unavoidable damage just heal through it;
  • Moonlance – starts at Tyrande and moves out in a straight line stuns for 5 seconds which can be dispelled, make sure you move out of it;
  • Eyes of the Goddess – small white balls similar to the Alysrazor cyclones again a 5 second dispellable stun should people be hit by one;
  • When she hits 80% and 55% HP she will get casting speed buffs;
  • Tears of Elune – used at 30%, blue crap from the sky type of avoidable attack that deals very little damage if they hit;
  • TLDR: avoid the avoidable crap and its a walk in the park;

Ruby Dragonshrine
Trash packs
Nice simple trash packs just deal with them.

Echo of Sylvanas

  • Ranged should spread out 12 yards apart so Blighted Arrows only hit one person and are very easily avoided anyway;
  • Unholy Shot and Black Arrow are AoE abilities targeted on one person that deal 50k damage to anyone they hit, even more reason for ranged being spread out 12 yards;
  • Calling of the Highborne – Sylvanas floats up, sucks the group in along with a load of ghouls she summoned. 
  • Ghouls- If they reach Sylvanas they get sacrificed and deal 300k to anyone in 12 yards moving through the ghouls also deals huge damage, killing one leaves a gap all can escape through so mark one up and kill it to provide your escape;
  • Once all ghouls are dead spread out 12 yards again and repeat until she is dead;

Obsidian Dragonshrine
Trash packs
The packs of dragons hit quite hard, do a lot of magic debuffs (dispelling is more efficient than healing through the damage) and the dragons have a nasty fire breathe so the the tank should face them away from the group however they reportedly don’t need to be killed!!

Echo of Baine

  • Spread your group out over the platforms;
  • Lava gives a short melee buff (as well as delivering a healthy dose of damage) to players a quick dip for melee types is a good idea but also Baine gets buffed he he touches it (which is bad mkay)!
  • Baine will throe totems at people randomly that knock you off your platform,get out of the lava quickly and throw the totem back at Baine to hit him for 10% HP, double the incoming damage to him and stun him;
  • Baine also jumps onto a platform and “Stomps” which will destroy it dropping all on it into the lava, swim to safety and continue;

Bronze Dragonshrine
Trash packs
Nice simple trash packs just deal with them.


  • Typical dragon he cleaves, he breathes fire and has a tail swipe so tank him away from the group with DPS/healer on his back leg to the side (it counts as behind him)
  • Nozdormu will assist you in this fight by providing Blessing of the Bronze Dragonflight, a haste and run speed buff;
  • Have 1 person assigned to click the hourglass in the middle at 80%/65%/50%/35%/15% as this will reset cooldowns, HP and mana;
  • Distortion Bombs will be thrown at a random person, just run away from it;
  • Other than that its a simple tank and spanker;

All that is left now is to loot and move on to the second of the 4.3 dungeons, the Well of Eternity. If you have any comments, corrections or amendments to this guide please leave a comment below.

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