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After 4 days of slowly killing the residents of Booty Bay, Evlyxx has finally attained the title of Bloodsail Admiral. Rather than relying on outside help from a raid, I deployed the Doublerum method. This is done by a quest called, Doublerum which starts a phased event of an assault on Booty Bay by the Bloodsail Buccaneers and once this starts all the bouncers become level 35. Leaving you relatively safe in killing the Booty Bay residents for reputation.

The route I used was good for upto 354 rep per circuit, but this wasn’t possible everytime because of the variety of respawn times of the NPCs. Some spawn in under 30 seconds, others take 10 minutes. The rep gains vary too. Most give 6 rep while Baron RevilgazRickle GoldgrubberViznik GoldgrubberWharfmaster Lozgil and Grizzlowe all gave 30 (with Mr Popularity and Diplomacy). 

The “perfect” route was to start at the bank and get Rickle Goldgrubber, and Viznik Goldgrubber, move towards the Inn kill Mr Smite, oops I meant Fleet Master Seahorn and a few others there before entering the Inn killing 3 in the doorway, Catelyn the Blade and Deeg before hitting  Baron Revilgaz and Kebok (don’t get Gringer, the Horde Flight Master!) run along the profession shops killing the inhabitants on the way before dropping down to Sly Garrett and Crazk Sparks revisit  Fleet Master Seahorn and a few others outside the Inn and spin round back up the ramp kill the NPCs in the shops drop down to the the Blacksmiths and kill 2 groups of NPCs there then drop into the Old Port Authority Building and murder a crowd of NPC’s cowering in the corner, run out and kill all that stand between you and the end of the dock towards the big goblin statue and you’re done. Once done you can fly back to the start and keep circling or do a few laps around the Inn and Bank as these spawn fast and you have 3 NPCs giving high rep before doing the full curcuit again. I mixed it up just to try to relieve the boredom. I also found queuing for battlegrounds helped too!
There were a couple of odd things, during the fishing competion 2 level 71 bruisers appeared and they too gave 30 rep, you can hear when the boat to Ratchett arrives but cannot see it and oddly hitting Gringer gets you killed very quickly as he doesn’t seem to have a leash nor does the Wind Riders!

My biggest disappointment is that the outfit you receive for getting neutral with the Bloodsails, that I am wearing in the screenie above, is not transmoggable and there are so few options to use to replicate it, especially as I did not have the foresight to keep the 2 Captain Sander’s Sashes that I have earned pre and post Cataclysm which is the only Alliance side waist that shares the look. Come on Blizz throw us a line on this, us Bloodsail Admirals deserve it!

Now looking back through my 2012 goals I did declare that I was going to hit exalted with the Bloodsails and then add my own special twist:

…getting that to exalted to get Avast, Ye Admiral AND keeping the goblin rep at exalted too…

I got news folks, I’m dropping that goal, I couldn’t put myself through that. I would have needed another 10 hours of grinding mobs in Booty Bay. On top of that I would need to kill 28,384 Southsea Buccaneers and as I haven’t finished redoing all the 1-60 quests yet I would no doubt end up gaining more SWC rep meaning a constant juggling act to maintain the balance. It was a good goal in theory but whilst I am aiming for the Insane title in game I’m not out of game. With that in mind, my next trick,is getting Insane in the Membrane. All that is required is 925 Heavy Lockboxes and after what I’ve done in Booty Bay that will be a breeze.
Rumours are that Evlyxx is willing to pay Shadowsong’s bored rogues 10g per lockbox, but I suspect that Fingersmith may have a thing or two to say about that!

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