Blinded By The Light

Eusebian are you in there?

Been hitting the alts a bit lately and have been hitting LFR with my main tankadin, Eusebian. It has been a bit of a blast but I have had one major problem that I’m sure can’t be something I’m unique in experiencing. The headline picture shows the problem, namely the white light of all the spell effects making it almost impossible to see what the heck is going on during fights, especially on 25 man fights.

Having all these spell effects is great for eye candy, but sometimes you need to see the tell-tale signs that the bosses special ability is incoming and needs to be moved out of or your dead (or at least will give your healers a hard time), yes I’m looking at you Hagara with your nasty Focused Assault. It is also a bad thing for threat as you’re not always 100% sure that you’re close enough to the mob, or in some situations actually behind the mob.

I’ve tried lowering my graphic settings but to be honest with my aging PC and lowly graphics card it can’t get much lower without losing important ground effects like the Twilight Onslaught or Efflorescence.  I tried zooming in fully but then I lose the ability to see what is happening around me and on some fights it is critical while others it is a nice to have. I’ve also looked through the settings to see if there is a way of reducing the spell effects of others but I cannot find any setting except one to emphasize my own spell effects but that will only add to the problem. What would be great would be if I could disable all friendly airborne damage spell effects except my own this would allow me to see my target and also allow me to position the targets in ground effects such as Hand of GuldanFlamestrike etc.

I’m already convinced that the World of Pandacraft will place a huge strain on my PC graphically and I’m sure it will continue the trend of increasing the light show and the importance of reacting to boss and mob abilities. I’m already feeling that on boss fights I’m relying too heavily on addons like Deadly Boss Mods and Power Auras and if that continues I may as well be playing a text based adventure game.

I’d love to believe that I’m missing the obvious here but I really doubt that is the case, do you tank or play a melee class? If so how do you cope?

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