The Backstory: A Raid Group of My Own

Having been boosted by Soul of the Fire through Molten Core and Onyxia I continued to leech from their kindness with runs through Zul’Gurub and Molten Core on their off-nights.

I was really enjoying the experience but felt like I was simply a passenger and started looking for a guild I could raid with. I was very happy in EZO where I was an officer, but despite large numbers very little interest in raiding so it seemed that the only option for raiding was to leave.

All the guilds I looked at started raiding at really inconvenient times, I worked sometimes until 18:00GMT and then had a 1 hour commute from Sheffield to my home, then there was the family stuff especially putting my son to bed and reading him his stories (oh how times have changed there!). Realistically this meant I was free to play from 20:00GMT. I found nothing to meet my RL and WoW situation.

Then someone suggested the Shadowsong unofficial website, this was a community website and nothing to do with the official WoW forums. Searching I found nothing but still registered and posted a looking for guild thread. To my surprise a  reply came back the next day from Vegelus, a hunter who still plays today, saying that there was a raid alliance that catered for the more mature raiders and that I should apply on the Teddybears of Doom website. Expecting little and hoping for everything I applied and got accepted for a trial. This was a double win a I could stay with EZO and raid with a regular group.

The future was set, new friends to be met and a long journey about to begin….

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