The Backstory: After The Dragon….

If you have been reading my blog for a while or been dedicated enough to go back in time you may remember or stumble across a post I made back in May 2010 about how I got started in raiding and I never finished the story so over the next few weeks I will make one of my posts one of my backstory.

After killing Onyxia (level 60) I was most definitely hooked but I knew my gear was not upto the challenge, with the exception of my recent haul (Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire & Halo of Transcendence), so I spent the next few days running ScholomanceStraholme, Blackrock Spire (Upper and Lower) hoping for any upgrades to my shabby green gear and hopefully some of the Vestments of the Devout. I did 2 instances a night and I remember bugging groups to do the Father Flame event in the hope that the Devout Mantle would drop, a few groups sighed and said no a few brave one relented reluctantly but them shoulders never dropped. I did get a few upgrades though so all was not wasted.

I also manged to get a group of guildies from EZO to do a run into Blackrock Depths and get myself Molten Core attuned and I was ready for the run with the guys from Soul of the Fire on their off-night run to Molten Core. My memories of that first visit are vague at best. I remember permanently getting lost, trying to set up macros for healing each tank (I was a macro nubcaek at the time) which basically targeted the tank and cast Flash Heal (or maybe Greater Heal) and that was how I healed them 5 tanks then. The run was pretty uneventful and to be honest most bosses failed to impress as the models were all reused from earlier content (a trick Blizzard use way too often). The 3 memorable fights were Lucifron, Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros, all for very different reasons.

The first boss in Molten Core and what a fight it was I spent much of the fight not healing but dispelling. My reaction was “You want me to do what?”, level 60 and I can honestly say I had never dispelled anything. Infact I didn’t have the spell key bound. I was sent away to download Decursive, and it has been with me ever since. Back then it was a single button that just got clicked to decurse anyone of anything you could prevent from taking damage due to nasty curses, diseases and poisons.

Majordomo Executus
This fight I remember because of the organisation that went in before the pull, mages sheeping tanks tanking adds all over healers assigned to specific tanks needing to stand in certain places to be able to assist other healers if needed (thinking back that was probably me they was trying to cover). Then there was the little loot win The Sash of Whispered Secrets, but the real reason was that I got left behind on the way to Ragnaros, got horribly lost because I had been following the herd and not been paying attention to the route we had taken. This was in the time before warlocks could summon inside a dungeon too.

Eventually we arrived at the end boss and I was assigned raid healing and stood between a load of mages who, I was told, needed lots of healing as they had to stop some “adds” half way through the fight. Bad news, I got tossed into the lava and died incredibly fast because I had very low health and could jump out onto the edge of the path. Fight over I got ressed and got a /w from Kittiah saying that I should bid “0” on the legs that dropped and hope that the other priest, who was an alt, already had them. It turned out he/she did so in my first 2 raids I had got 2 pieces of the Priest Tier 2 armor set. Happy? You bet your ass I was šŸ™‚

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