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With the saga of ISP issues now behind me, I am back raiding with Immersion, my 25 man raiding guild. In the 5 weeks I’ve been out of it, the guys and gals have added 2 more hard modes as they have now defeated Blood Princes and Valithria Dreamwalker. Also, Halion was worked on lots and finally defeated and I have yet to have my first tries on this as a healer.

The other big change in the guild was a huge number of new guildies to keep us raiding through the summer, which is usually a period of inactivity, so I’m really happy that this won’t be the case for us, so /salute to the officer team. My only concern, is quite selfish as the bulk of the new guys are healers meaning more rotation for the non-officer healers, which is a pain as 2 of the regulars are officers, but I do have the option of dusting down the old shadow skills as the off-set I have built up is plenty good enough, even if I’m not!!

In other news, the gold making is going really well and I’m turning a profit of around 2k a day from the 8-10k a day gold I’m raking in from the auction house sales and depite having my fingers in many pies I am beginning to see the changes in the market with less effort required which means even less time needing to be spent on it.

My biggest earner is jewel-crafting as I am cutting gems I acquire from prospecting titanium ore or transmute with my 2 transmute spec alchemists.

In addition to this I am taking advantage of the school holidays here in the UK by crafting bags for all them school children who are stuck at home and playing WoW rather than being stuck at school. The profits are 100%, although the market value on Shadowsong is rather saturated meaning the bags themselves are only selling for 7g each, but at 50 bags a day its easy money even if it does mean my tailor having to craft while I shower each morning.

The alchemists are also providing profit from flipping saronite ore into titanium bars, each bar is selling for the cost of 20 saronite ore which at 16 ore per bar means I get a free bar every 4 stacks BEFORE any transmute proc freebies. My blacksmith is helping out by crafting 20 eternal belt buckles a day and my leather worker is chipping in with armor kits and leg enchants.

I am also flipping 15-20 frozen orbs (avg price 25g) into eternal fire (avg price 32g) per day and making a few hundred gold per day from selling items to vendors when people (God bless their souls) put items onto the AH with a buyout below the vendor price.

The beta is in full flow, sounds real nice, seems my beta key is lost in the post, Blizzard gief beta key now plx!

Until next time,  goodbye…..

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