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Still suffering from Internet issues (good game TalkTalk) I have been unable to raid now for over 4 weeks. My gold making project is going well enough but nothing that really was worth mentioning here. So I decided to go exploring and discovering a few interesting places people rarely visit in-game because they don’t know it exists, has no real purpose or is not really meant to serve as anything more than eye-candy on flight paths.

The list is not really long but over the next few weeks I’ll be making a post on each of them. Today the location is  Stormwind. Yeah I know what you’re thinking EVERYBODY goes to Stormwind, big place, capital city of the humans. Well I shall reveal a tiny part of Stormwind that took me 5 years to find and I thought I’d share with you as it hidden in plain sight!
The location is Cut-Throat Alley, and our guide is my mage, Valdaran. This  is accessed by entering a building in the Canal District on the western side  of the Dwarven District (see image below).

Running straight through the building takes you to an enclosed street.

I have no idea why Blizzard hid this so well maybe it was going to serve som purpose or maybe it will be used in Cataclysm. Who knows? It would be a good hiding place for Horde invaders and also to RP without getting disturbed (if that floats your boat).

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