The Alt Factory: Valdarian

Primary role: Damage dealer
Birth Date: September 3rd 2006

Whilst not the first alt I ever rolled my mage is the oldest one still hanging around on Shadowsong EU. Valdarian began life as a female human mage named Magyxx and was part of an army created to have some auction house fun however I stupidly named my alts with a theme based around their class and the “yxx” suffix I invented when naming Evlyxx so it was bloody obvious the mass postings on the auction house was 1 person! But I digress….

Magyxx eventually became Eyesical and after finally becoming bored with stupid names and deciding I wanted my mage to look like Shade of Aran, led to the birth of Valdaran so named after a wikipedia search for aran led me here. I recently evicted him to a dofferent server to level a NElf mage for the guild achievement but a few days ago decided I wanted the old guy back so deleted my newly rolled 85 Nelf mage and brought the old fella back home. Sadly I had to change name when I put him on his holiday server and simply added an “i” to the name because it was close enough and sounded good too.

Vald, as he is often referred to, has led a mixed life, starting as a herb/ore farmer and ending up as my goto DPS raider back in Wrath until I got bored playing arcane mage and switched over to Strigimaga, his raiding in Cataclysm has been limited to 2 Magmaw kills but soon that will improve with some LFR action.

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