The Alt Factory: Fingersmith

Primary role: Damage dealer
Birth Date: November 29th 2006

Rolled initially as a bank alt called Bevlyxx (Bank of Evlyxx) a female Night Elf rogue that I eventually leveled up to max level in Burning Crusade. I chose teh rogue to enable me to be able to unlock lock boxes only to discover that you only got level ups on lockpicking upto 5x your current level.
The rogue sat idle for the first half of Wrath and then I got bored and decided to level her up. I soon tired of teh female Night Elf bouncy jiggle thing and decided to race/sex change to a male gnome. The name Bevlyxx seemed a female name so I needed a new name and I opted for something rogue like and as I was playing with a South African went looking for a Afrikaans word, eventually opting for Moordenaar,  meaning assassin or murderer. I played him quite a bit and was permanently “harassed” by the many Dutch people I encountered on the EU servers who insisted on trying to speak with me in Dutch and eventually this became so frustrating I changed the name to Fingersmith soon after dinging 85. The name chosen because of its meaning, a person with any skill involving the use of hands, most often used to refer to a pickpocket who has never been caught.
He is my best pure DPSer and I always have fun playing with him and during my first visit to Molten Core on him while attempting to gather the Tier 1 rogue set I got the Bindings of the Windseeker from Baron Geddon which was upsetting as I was hoping to get Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker on my paladin but as soon as that dropped I stopped even trying on him. Last week I managed to get the other half from Garr and I am now the proud owner of a legendary!

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