The Alt Factory: Eusebian

Primary role: Tank
Birth Date: January 5th 2007

Whilst Eusebian, was rolled because of an ex-guildie, Dragonbait (now known as Dragonsting). During the Burning CrusadeDragon and I was running old Vanilla content to get Large Brilliant Shards for mana oils and I was amazed at the punishment a pally could take even as holy tanking and thought I need one of those! As Dragon is Portuguese, I decided to name the pally after a Portguese footballing legend, Eusébio, but sadly the name had gone so I simply dropped the “io” and added “ian” to put my name in there too!

I leveled as protection and quested by rounding up as many mobs as I could muster and AoE tank them to death I soon reached level 70 and started tanking heroics and later Karazhan called and I ended the expansion a happy tanking pally.
Wrath came and dual specs with it I had dabbled with healing in the Burning Crusade but to be honest I healed on my main and therefore tried out retribution, I sucked and just bit my tongue and went wit a holy OS. I rarely got the chance to tank beyond Wrath heroics and I my few ICC outings were mainly as a healer but I did try tanking Lichy once maybe twice but without success. 
During Cataclysm I leveled Eusebian early and he became my primary alt, tanking heroics but never got the chance to try out the raiding during T11 and T12. That has changed in 4.3 and I’m running Dragonsoul regulaly enough although usually the latter half so my gear sort of sucks for what I’m trying although late last month I did manage to drop Deathwing thanks to the folks at Saturday Knight Fever.

Eusebian in holy gear (left Judgement armour), tank (centre, Judgement recolour) and retribution (right, Wrath recolour)

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  1. I have seen you talk about all your alts and their names etc quite a lot now, especially how you work your own name into the toon name, so thought i'd chip in with a suggestion.

    Why not create a female human paladin called Fallopian, you could then give it its own youtube channel called the "WoW the fallopian tube!"

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