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Before diving into the character Evlyxx, I thought it much more appropriate that the real me was revealed first. I have been on this planet for over 40 years and during that time have been a son (hi Mum and Dad), a brother, a husband to a very patient Louise and a very proud father of Dominic. I attended the Hewett School in Norwich and left with average qualifications after stupidly quitting 1/2 way through my A levels, and went to work for Norwich Union. In 1990, I reloacated from Norwich to Sheffield with them and eventually wormed my way into an IT job as a result of some work I did on the Millenium Bug and spent most of the next 6 years providing consultancy and support to their multi-location Call Centre dealing with telephone routing, IVR set ups as well as the general PC and user issues. In 2007 I was made redundant and went started working as an IT contractor in roles including the European Space Agency in the Netherlands which did not last long as working away from home for 12 days out of every 14 was not for me. I then spent the a few months bouncing around short-term contracting before returning to full-time work with my current employers who are the UK’s largest independant supplier of wireless networking infrastucture.

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