Norwich: A Fine City
Before diving into the character Evlyxx, I thought it much more appropriate that the real me was revealed first. My name is Ian (some call me Wilko or worse I am sure) I have been on this planet since 1969 and during that time have been a son (hi Mum and Dad), a brother, a husband to a very patient Louise and a very proud father of Dominic. I attended the Hewett School in Norwich and left with average qualifications after stupidly quitting 1/2 way through my A levels, and went to work for Norwich Union. 
In 1990, I relocated from Norwich to Sheffield with them and eventually wormed my way into an IT job as a result of some work I did on the Millennium Bug and spent most of the next 6 years providing consultancy and support to their multi-location Call Centre dealing with telephone routing, IVR set ups as well as the general PC and user issues.
In 2007 I was made redundant and went started working as an IT contractor in roles including the European Space Agency in the Netherlands which did not last long as working away from home for 12 days out of every 14 was not for me. I then spent the a few months bouncing around short-term contracting before returning to full-time work with the UK’s largest independant supplier of wireless networking infrastructure  before I walked out and went to work for my current employer.
Anyways, nuff of that RL crap now to my MMO background, I have played WoW for too many years, November 2005 to be exact. I took a while to level to 60 but began raiding soon after and have been raiding at various levels ever since. I have had Evlyxx as my main for ever, she was my first and the one I remain loyal too although I do have an army of alts. 
Having been around a bit I have had a few guilds but I am not one to jump ship often and without putting up a fight! My guild history is:
The earliest Ev pic
EZO: The guild I levelled in and despite have 600 members was not capable of raiding which was what I wanted from WoW.
Behemoth/Ascension: In July 2006 I joined Behemoth which disbanded and reformed with 80% of membership as Asension. Asension was disbanded in September 2006 
Dragon Lords of Azeroth: I left after 2 days as they were only raiding UBRS and hoping to get into Molten Core “soon” 
Teddybears of Doom: I joined Teddybears of Doom and spent almost a year there before leaving to form Deadwood with a group of friends. The reason we decided to leave Teddybears of Doom was because we wanted to move into SSC and TK raiding and the leadership of ToD did not think the guild was ready. 
Deadwood: Sadly the guild collapsed because, like many guilds right now, we lacked healers and that meant we were unable to raid. Despite 3 months of trying to recruit healers myself and the other officers have not been successful in doing this.
Encore: A small raiding guild that refused to go into Trial of teh Crusader because their GM didnt like PvP and the 3rd boss in tehre was a PvP fight in his eyes.
Quercus: Great guild when I joined but the GM was absent at the time. On the GMs return the atmophere went bad really quickly and I was one of many that left within the month.
Immersion: Great times with these guys, killed Lich King on 10 and then on 25 man, minutes after the kill the GM (and RL) quit the game as did the MT and a few officers as they had “achieved what they set out to do in WoW”. The guild limped along until Cataclysm when I decided to step down from raiding on a hard core level and raid with friends on a casual basis.
Saturday Knight Fever: My “other” guild and one where many friends are. Sadly they raid at times that are no longer compatible with my job shift rota and that means I am raiding once a fortnight at best. I really don’t want to leave the guild but I play to raid and I’m just not getting that anymore. Tried to set up a 2nd raid team but it was causing a lot of confusion with some members  and as both late and early teams were suffering from sign up problems and having to cancel raids becuase of it I decided to drop the idea of the second raid team.
Exhumed: My raiding home and what a great bunch of guys. Just as good as the folks at SKF.
My raiding experience, lengthy and what follows was all done as current content not going back and steam rolling it with 3 buddies at a higher level! If no boss count is mentioned it was a full clear on normal modes.

WoW Classic: Onyxia, Molten Core, Zul’Gurub, Black Wing Lair, AQ20 full clears AQ40 upto Twin Emperors 

TBC: With Evlyxx TBC was short lived and only Karazhan, Gruul and a little bit of SSC/TK as I changed my raiding main when Deadwood was formed to a shadow priest, Wilkini (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ahnqiraj/Wilkini/advanced) (long story short I refused to drop Evlyxx’s professions and we needed a Shadow Priest and I had a tailor priest as a 60 alt so levelled him to 70 to raid as Shadow) who has cleared SSC and TK with him and got upto Archi in MH and RoS in BT before 3.0 came when many of the guild decided to stop raiding. 
Wrath: VoA 10/25, Naxxramas 10/25, Malygos 10/25, OS 10 1D, OS 25 2D, Ulduar 10 (13/14) and Ulduar 25 (13/14), ToC 10/25 ToGC 10/25, ICC 10/25 (10/12 HC) and RS 10/25 (not HC)
Cataclysm: BoT 10, BWD 10, ToTFW 10, FL 10 and DS 10 (no HC kills)

I have a vast knowledge of the game and can recall obscure info about NPC names, location s and even obscure quests. I play WoW for 3 reasons, the social side is the main one closely followed by raiding and gold making but I haven’t hit the gold cap cos I like to waste money on my alts when I can. 
I have tried Rift it was OK but no friends played it past the free month and it became a lonely version of WoW, I tried Dungeon and Dragons Online but didnt like the controls and I also play a bit of Lord of the Rings Online which is a good free game but once again was away from friends. SW:TOR seemed to be a good fit but just didnt run well on my PC like WoW does and I simply couldn’t justify paying 2x subs for mmos and WoW won.
I have a blog and post on it weekly(ish), about my thoughts on WoW. The blog serves no real purpose just a sideline hobby out of the MMO world really.
Thats it really if you really want more and you’re a Twitter addict you can follow me @Evlyxx or you can email me evlyxx@evlyxx.co.uk