635 days

No, not my total days played, but rather the number of days it took me to clear all raid content in WotLK. Sure I had defeated all bosses before over all of my characters but the Halion kill was on an alt and Evlyxx still needed that kill for me to consider him, and the rest of the WotLK raid content beaten. Sure I still have to kill a few bosses on hard mode (10 and 25) and of course there is the small matter of a 10 man Artard kill, but overall if Cataclysm was launched tomorrow I would have no regrets like I did at the end of vanilla and the Burning Crusade where I was a step away from entering the last raid tier each time.

My self induced progression stress is all now gone, its now fun all the way to Cataclysm, and thats not to say it hasn’t been fun to get here! The surprise for me was not the fact that I had finally gotten to the end of the raid content in an expansion, that was my goal this time around all along, but rather the fact that I have got so close not on one alt but 4, Strigimaga my lock is closest with just a Lich King kill eluding the lil gnome, closely followed by the Mikmaq, my shaman, who mises only Lich King and Halion and then comes the mage (Valdaran) and the evil Evlyxx who both need Sindragosa, Lich King and Halion. I’m not going to repeat content from my previous posts about the State of Raiding  but the content wasn’t as hard or maybe I just got better and/or surrounded myself with better players.

My schedule for now is looking like hard mode progression in ICC 25 but outside of that I am now hoping to finish some of the other unfinished business from times gone by. First on my list is the mammoth quest line to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj (20 levels and 4 years too late I know but…) this needs a raid completion in Moonglade, a Black Wing Lair run and to acquire some Elementium Ore and I need to get it completed before Cataclysm because it will be impossible to do after it launches. I hope to engage the help of friends from within the guilds, hint hint guys.

Second on the list is Tempest Keep run to kill Kael’thas Sunstrider and claim my Hand of A’dal (assuming I still have the correct quest in my log) before finishing off TBC with a quick blitz through the Sunwell Plateau.

Along the way I will finish of my grind with the few reputations that I haven’t maxed out:
Wintersabre Trainers – I do want that pussy cat!;
Scale of the Sands – means a few runs to Mount Hyjal /yawn;
the Ashtongue Deathsworn – Black Temple was and continues to be awesome!;
Ravenholdt – many lock boxes even side;
Scryers – currently exalted with Aldor;
Hydraxxian Waterlords – I need 1 MC run;

Once those are done there is not much left for me to do other than try for some of the harder to get achievements and a few of the ones I have just been too lazy to do. I’ll also be left with the real nasty rep grinds and I’m hoping that Cataclysm will rescue me from being unable to resist the urge to do the following:
Silverwing Sentinels currently Neutral
Frenzyheart Tribe – I need that green proto first!;
The League of Arathor – currently Friendly;
Gelkis Clan Centaur – currently Friendly;
Bloodsail Buccaneers – currently Hated;
Shen’dralar – currently Neutral;
Darkmoone Fair – currently Neutral;

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