20 Days of Gold Making: Day 20


Nev from Auction House Addict has created a community project for the gold makers among us 20 Days of Gold Making. You can find a list of all of the participants in this blog post at AH addict. The question I am covering today is:
Lets spread some blog love – which are your ‘must read’ or ‘go to’ gold blogs or even other places you go for information and reading matter?
I have hinted that part of being a successful gold maker in WoW is down to research and given a few hints as to my “go to” resources but to be honest I rarely do more than scan the headlines now as while the hot items may change the basic principles don’t and I learned those a few years back when JMTC was at the bleeding edge of gold making advice which while it is still useful it isn’t the same since Markco left. It is still worthwhile to keep informed especially in the few weeks either side of a patch though as it is all too easy to forget the basics and reading bogs will remind you of them.
Rather than show any real favoritism towards the blogs/info sources I am currently using, I’ll list them alpha numerically:

Sadly, my 20 “days” are over, all my posts in this theme can be found here. I’d like to thank Nev for coming up with the initiative. I’ve had fun and it has certainly made me think a lot more since I joined the project on 28 January. I hope I have given you some new information or at worst reminded you of something. 

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