20 Days of Gold Making: Day 16


Nev from Auction House Addict has created a community project for the gold makers among us 20 Days of Gold Making. You can find a list of all of the participants in this blog post at AH addict. The question I am covering today is:
Flipping! Do you flip stuff regularly or sometimes? Big ticket items or smaller high volume stuff?
Flipping is something that I have done almost continually during my warcraft life. I have never really had a strategy but rather simply bought items that are way below market value when I myself am trying to list the same item.
Most of the time this is low cost high volume goods like enchanting materials, ore, herbs and transmog items. I will sometimes venture into higher price goods but am always a bit cautious not to get caught out. I have recently been tempted to try flipping some of the ridiculously cheap Jewelled Onyx Panther mounts that are being offered up for 30-40k gold, which is less than the cost of the materials but am concerned that these may be duped items or from hacked accounts and don’t want to get caught up in any fallout and have therefore always refrained from buying them.
Most of the time flipping is a winner but I have made many mistakes, my most recent one being purchasing greater cosmic essences at the end of Cata when they were regularly selling for 10-15g and seeing them as an opportunity when they dropped to 7g. I bought them in bulk and I bought a lot of them as the price continued to rop in the last few weeks of Cata with the hope of flipping them in Mists. Today they selling for 2-3g I maybe sold 5% of what I bought, I trashed the vast majority of the rest and today I try to sell the remaining 30 stacks at rices between 2-5g depending on supply at the time I list them but I am frequently violently undercut, so I guess I’m not the only one that had the same idea. but auction house pvp is a game with risks, if it were not it wouldn’t be as much fun or as rewarding. 

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