20 Days of Gold Making: Day 11


Nev from Auction House Addict has created a community project for the gold makers among us 20 Days of Gold Making. You can find a list of all of the participants in this blog post at AH addict. The question I am covering today is:

Most of us use Trade Skill Master, Auctioneer and/or Auctionator in combo with Postal – are there any other lesser known gold making addons you use?

There are many addons that assist the gold making process. Most of these are widely used and provide a wide range of benefits mostly assisting in saving time or providing snippets of information so we don’t need to make the effort. Besides those posed by Nev in the question above, things like Altoholic, Sell Junk, Gatherer, Lil Sparky’s Workshop and MogIt all provide assistance in their own way.

However, there is only one addon I use, that I consider lesser known simply because I have not seen it advertised by the popular gold making sources. Like most of my favourite addons this is small and simple requiring no configuration or maintenance. It doesn’t try to provide more than one feature and end up a piece of bloatware.

What is it? Let me introduce to you One Click Enchant Scroll, which simply provides a button in your tradeskill window to directly create enchantment scrolls and also displays the number of enchanting vellums in your inventory on it.

A comment on the Curse page in 2011 suggest this isn’t compatible with Skillet, but as I don’t use this I couldn’t confirm that this is still the case.

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