2012: Just Another Year in Azeroth


This year has been a real roller coaster ride for me in Warcraft and to be honest I got to admit that what looked real scary at the beginning ended really well and I’m really looking forward to the next ride although I must admit I’m hoping for a more gentle run this time around. That said, I have doubled my wow friends list and have had the honour of being in 2 awesome guild with a load of awesome people and really I couldn’t wish for being surrounded by better people.

So with a new year almost upon us (or probably here by the time you’re reading this I thought I’d take you all on a whirlwind tour of MY 2012.


The year started and I was in Saturday Knight Fever, trying to raid Dragon Soul around my horrid shift pattern and failing horribly and mostly plying SWTOR because WoW is raiding for me and my real life and WoW life clashed horribly. I’ll admit I was ready (and hoping) to quit WoW. Sadly SWTOR didn’t deliver and I ended up leaving fantastic people behind in SKF as I joined Exhumed in the middle of the month, a sad day for me but one that did turn out good for all. My personal WoW goals for 2012 were:
  • exalted with Darkmoon Faire;
  • exalted with Ravenholdt;
  • exalted with Bloodsail Buccaneers;
  • Insane in the Membrane;
  • Avast, Ye Admiral;
  • Hero of Shattrath;
  • 8 more characters with fishing maxed;
  • 9 more characters with archaeology maxed;
  • learn Recipe: Vial of the Sands;
  • get Sandstone Drake;


Nothing much happened in February as I was settling into the new guild and was trying to make a good impression. The raid action returned and with the guys (and gals) of Exhumed I was able to assist them in getting guild first kills on Blackthorn, Spine and Madness of Deathwing, Having seen a guild explode after our Lich King I feared a repeat but thankfully it never came.


With the raid content complete there was little to do in WoW. However, WoW Ironman grabbed my attention in March. I had failed 2 times and by the end of the month toon no. 3, Ironiana had reached 30! Raiding was continuing well but no HC progression. The only other big thing in March was Exhumed being so desperate for an officer they appointed me as one. Oh and the beta was announced too


I was still settling into the new officer role in April  and also the HC progression as I finally got my HC Morchok kill. The WoW Ironman was coming along nicely too with the huntardess in her 40s and I got my Vial of the Sands and with it my Sandstone Drake, that aside another unremarkable month for me and WoW.


May started with a bang as a DC induced death killed off my 3rd and final WoW Ironman challenger at level 48. The month ended with PC woes too but that did mean I got to get myself a nice shiny new rig ready for Pandacraft. Other than that May was a dull lack lustre month 🙁


June was all about Pandacraft news from the beta and my rogue stealing my legendaries. I had been farming MC for months on my pally hoping to get him Thunderfurry, then on his first visit for transmog gear the cheeky rogue got a binding, well in June he got the 2nd half and his sword. Exhumed also finally got a 2nd HC boss in Dragon Soul. I also attained the Hero of Shattrath feat of strength.


July saw a new style on this very blog and a heroic month! 2 more HC bosses in DS and 3 more Firelands HC bosses too which ultimately ended in Exhumed getting the Glory of the Firelands Raider, although we do still have unfinished business with HC Ragnaros! Also dabbled in Blog Azeroth shared topics and found them very useful for spreading the word. I must get back to doing them.


August was an amazing month, finally got my 10 fishermen, then my Glory of the Firelands Raider achievement, Evlyxx become a Bloodsail Admiral AND Evlyxx joined Fingersmith in the legendary club by getting Val’anyr. Sadly no more HC raid progression but it was the summer boss we were battling more than anything else. The only sad news was that ShadowPriest.com ceased to be, but was replaced by HowToPriest.com so not a total loss to the priest community. Oh and I became the Insane in August too.

September was all about Pandacraft at the end of the month. My month started awesomely with an HC Blackhorn kill on an alt run on our first pull, on 20th me and the Exhumed guys got Spine HC down and then on Pandacraft eve, Sept 24th we downed HC Madness in what we all refer to as World Last! Also in September I launched my very own addon, PeonQuestComplete a small and some may say pointless addon. The month ended with a burst of levelling activity as I rushed to 90 ready to start raiding all over again.


October and we’re all back at level cap and raiding once again and OMFG dailies. October was dailies month but dotted with some nice raid progression as Stone Guard and Feng fell during the month. The month was full on daily grinding and preparing for raids though although I did devise Project Titan during this time as well.


November was payoff month for all them dailies, Gara’jal and Spirit King’s died (I missed guild 1st kills but hey the guys did great) and in 1 night. The month ended with Elegon and Will of the Emperor dead to finish Mogu’shan Vaults completely and of course our first Heart of Fear kill of Zor’lok. No more daily grinding meant I could level my first alt too and my warlock had that honour this expansion. I also realised I had been neglecting my SKF friends so moved the lock there so I can share the love easier. Also got my Project Titan priest, Evangelysm, off the ground and founded ReExhumed on Defias Brotherhood.


December, HoF boss 2 down and man is Ta’Yak a horrible fight too much latency RNG for my liking but hey we all have to beat that I’m sure the speed or size of the tornado will get nerfed sooner rather than later. Finally dinged 80 on the Evangelysm, sadly none of the raiding I hoped for along the way happened as people were not leveling at the same speed. Have devised a cunning plan though so watch this space in 2013.
So of my WoW targets for the year the only one I failed to achieve was 9 more characters with archaeology maxed. Not a bad result I say. How was your 2012 in WoW?

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