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Today I want to talk about the Nemesis series of quests, now if you’re not into PvP this may be unfamiliar to you so I’ll explain exactly what it is. When you choose the Gladiator Sanctum you get a series of quests to kill 500 of each race of the opposing faction in PvP combat in Draenor. Unfortunately, you can only take one of the quests at a time so you must kill 500 of the chosen race before you can take the next quest to kill 500 of another race and so on.

The chances for PvP action happening on Draenor are extremely limited. Even on a PvP server there is little action because sadly most PvP servers are heavily biased towards one faction, normally towards the Horde. So that means you need to enter Ashran to get your kills. That isn’t so bad to be honest but it does limit the opportunity and raises some problems.

The first is that when you pick up the quest the first thing you need to do is kill one of your chosen race and get a beating heart of that race, then return to your garrison hand in the quest, pick up the follow on quest to kill another 500 of that race and get back into Ashran, within 1 minute before you get kicked out of your Ashran group automatically, which isn’t possible so you have to queue up for Ashran again and that may take a while depending on the time you’re playing.

But that problem is just a minor hiccup in your progress towards getting the seven quests completed. That honour falls to the imbalance of races available to kill within Ashran. Looking at the overall player base the Alliance problem races are Pandaren 6%, Goblin 6% and to a lesser extent Trolls at 12%. For the Horde it is even worse with Pandaren at 6%, Gnomes at 8% and Dwarves at 9%. However, that imbalance is amplified because of class balance in PvP which makes certain races even less likely to be in Ashran in the first place and that results in them being very hard to get kills on which in turn forces players to find ways to cheese the quest completion.

The first cheese method may actually be a bug or just a way that Blizzard have implemented to encourage grouping up for quests, because if you’re in a group with players on the same quest as yourself each kill gives credit equal to the number of people in the group (not raid) on that quest so you can actually get 5 kills credited to your quest progress for each one. That’s great if you can get grouped up with enough people and earlier in the expansion, Nemesis raids were set up for this purpose, but then Blizzard put in a hotfix that stopped premade raids entering Ashran.

The second cheese method is that people set up a group and just repeatedly kill the same player or players in a graveyard in Draenor and get kill credits that way. The multiple kill credit may also be used here to speed things up, I’m sure this isn’t the way that Blizzard intended the quests to be completed.

The Pandas in the real world must feel awfully lonely…

Now I know people that have completed all quests, some in the pre-made raid days of Ashran and others using the second method but as yet I’m still on my first quest, to kill 500 Horde Pandaren. I’ve been on the quest now for about a year and with, admittedly with infrequent Ashran participation, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve only managed 1800 kills outside of the Road of Glory so far but during that time, I’ve managed to get 114 Pandaren kills and that’s less than 10% of those kills and in my last Ashran I managed to get lucky and get 14 Pandaren kills in 5 hours in Ashran which is 3 kills per hour so even at that rate I’ll need another 137 hours inside Ashran, that’s 6 whole days and then I’m likely to move onto the same issue for Goblins.

So what can be done to fix the issue?

  • Reduce the kill count? That would devalue the achievement but if this were reduced to 100 per race and the multiplier removed it would ease the burden of having to be grouped with people and would level the playing field so you didn’t have to game the system to get the quest done.
  • Extend the group modifier to include raid members? This wouldn’t be a major change and couldn’t be abused by groups forming to enter Ashran anymore than they can today. It would possibly increase the groups forming to cheese the quests using method two I described earlier.
  • Extend the kill count to work in all BGs? This is something that was done with the collection of Bloody Coins that were initially only rewarded for PvP kills on the Timeless Isle but extended to include all BGs at the end of Mists when we got the Warlords pre-patch.

My preferred solution keeps the kill count at 500 and keeps the Draenor restriction intact and as a result keeps to the spirit of the achievements. How? By simply allowing players to have ALL 7 quests at the same time. Because let’s face it, by the time I’ve killed my 500 Pandaren I’ll have killed at least 500 of everything else except maybe not goblins. The potential problems with this method are few, the purists who have already attained their titles may QQ saying they got theirs the hard way, but then they possibly cheesed their quests anyway. Also, a player may not have quest room for all 7 quests that could be fixed by rolling them all into 1 big quest but I’d prefer not to see that as you could complete other quests to make room or alternatively pick up the harder ones as a group and add the easier ones later.

If you agree with my views or if you think I’ve been talking poppycock or if you’d like your say on this subject please leave a comment below.

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