13 November 2014: The Warlords are Coming

The cinematic is incredible and really makes me wish that Blizzard had tackled the soon to be released movie in house. Sure te resources needed would have been far more than that required for a 5 minute trailer but, we’ve waited 8 years already and still have another 2 more years to wait, surely it must have been a possibility.

Blizzard have thrown us all a major curve ball with the release date of Warlords of Draenor coming on a Thursday as all previous Warcraft realeses had been on a Tuesday. My predicted date of 23 September was very, very wrong. I also think that Blizzard could have pushed it back a day and made the release date 12-13-14!

That said the exact day is pretty much irrelevant and it seems that Blizzard expects us all to endure another 3 months of Siege of Orgrimmar. I’m both saddened and happy at this as it does give my guild 3 more months to kill Garrosh HC, well most likely 2 as once the pre-oatch gives us mythic I don’t think we’ll have the personnel in place geared and experienced for such trials but I’d love to be wrong.

Anyway that means 2 more months to get things done like a few more alts through Challenge Modes and finishing off my Legendary Cloak collection and a few other goals. I won’t be ending my subscription between now and then. Will you? If not what are your goals between now and November?

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  1. Im not sure what my goals are, but I would think perhaps leveling some more up towards 90, hope for some luck for some rare mounts to drop and hoping for more luck that we do old raids run again.. so maybe I can get hold of some legendary weapons

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